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Why is digital pest control important for business

Innovation and cutting-edge technology has turned many products and gadgets digitally from smart home, digital locks, robotics solutions and artificial intelligence. Pest control solutions has also digitalised its detection, control and monitoring capabilities. Rentokil Initial shares more about digitalised pest control and a series of sensing solutions to deal with pest infestation.

Part 1: What is digitalised pest control?

  • Sensing technology to control pests
  • Digital service acknowledgement
  • Using digital reporting and trend analysis
  • Digital payments and invoicing

Part 2: Why is digitalisation important for business?

  • Service efficiency and productivity
  • Optimal control and detection accuracy
  • Minimal downtime or operation disruptions
  • Minimal interaction and human contact – safety
  • Effective monitoring and pest trend analysis
  • Peace of mind and assurance

Part 3: Who requires digitalised pest control?

  • High dependency sectors
  • Multi-branch and outlets such as café
  • Facility management with various properties
  • Complex compound such as industrial, warehouse
  • Service-centric business such as retail and hotel
Debugged Blog Article Why is Digitalisation Important For Business What is Digitalised Pest Control

Part 1: What is digitalised pest control?

Sensing technology to control pests

We are familiar and regular users of rodent baiting station units, where a lure is placed in the trap and placed at regular space intervals or high activity areas. This form of rat control method has worked reasonably well for most premises. However, rats are notoriously challenging to manage due to its high intelligence, amazing hiding skills and nocturnal nature. This translates to difficulty in detecting their presence and spotting signs of rat infestation, in order to enhance the control efficacy.

Rentokil Singapore offers digital rat control to step up the quality and change the way we eliminate rats. Why it is different and optimal in performance is due to its sensing features to track rat activities 24/7. Instead of physically performing live inspections around the premise, which can be a complex large compound to complete inspection routine swiftly and effectively. Pest control specialists will utilise a command center and a monitoring dashboard to locate specific locations with rat activities and deploy digital stations to address the infestation.

Digital service acknowledgement

Traditionally, papers are largely used to acknowledge receipts of service completion and for multiple services rendered for the week or multi-outlets treated the number of service receipts can accumulate to a substantial amount in a month. They are misplaced easily, get torn and wet and due to inappropriate handling. This affects tracking and documentation that regulatory compliance and audit bodies require.

Using digital reporting and trend analysis

We can engage in a busy work schedule especially for business sectors that are running on complex operation processes such as food production, manufacturing, logistics and catering. The daily operations comprises multiple tasks and duties that reporting and pest trend analysis can become mundane and taxing. For restaurants and cafes that run on multiple chain outlets, operations can become overwhelming. Converting these hard copies to an online platform can ease the resource pressure while ensuring completeness and availability.

The myRentokil digital platform uploads essential information and documentation including the following:

  • Account, contract and premise details
  • Service histories, updates and recommendations
  • Infestation level status in terms of green, amber and red
  • Location risk mappings on pest activities
  • Safety data sheets for audit compliance
  • Payment facilities for renewal purposes

Digital payments and invoicing

There has been a strong and important need in going contactless. In Singapore, many are embracing digital payments and e-wallets. This eases the inconvenience of finding cash, hassle of raising cheques and in worse cases, losing these payments in transit. Rentokil Pest Control introduces the online payment platform, with options including AXS payment, online credit card facility, bank transfer and payment apps.

Debugged Blog Article Why is Digitalisation Important For Business Why Is Digitalisation Essential

Part 2: Why is digitalisation important for business?

Service efficiency and productivity

Business settings, nature of environment, operations and process and quality of production are some key factors in ensuring a smooth delivery to their end users. It can get complex, resource taxing and demanding particularly concerns around food safety and production quality. Pest control companies such as Rentokil digitalised pest control management to bring about the following efficiency and productivity back to the business.

  • Save the time and hassle of doing a site-walk at the entire compound to check for pest activity
  • Minimises the stress in remembering and identifying which particular location or baiting unit has rat activity
  • Avoid the potential negligence of high key risk areas with ongoing infestation
  • Able to update quality control or audit team easily on status of pest management
  • Time savings on unit inspection and servicing can be utilised into additional reviews and pest trend evaluation

Optimal control and detection accuracy

Particularly for pests such as rats that are more sensitive around them and in an environment where there are various risk factors and entry points, digital pest control can heighten the control and detection efficacy. For instance, we are able to tell if there is any rat activity upon a sensing trigger and pin point target locations on the monitor dashboard. It prevents the need to place more than required baiting stations that are not serving the control purpose. In addition, it improves the trap rate by targeting at their hotspots. Above all, we are clear on where exactly are the problem areas, and spend more effort in terms of pest prevention to improve the condition further.

Minimal downtime or operation disruptions

We understand time is essence especially for labour intensive and productivity driven businesses. Technologies such as automation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence aims to reduce time wastage, disruptions and downtime to the business. Digitalisation in pest control or in other words, contact-less pest control also helps in minimising human-to-human interaction and prevent potential cross contamination during the service interaction. This increases the health and safety standards between the pest control specialist and business owners.

Effective monitoring and pest trend analysis

One of the main challenges and struggles is around pest monitoring and having a good understanding of how the pest situation is progressing. Some common questions raised by stakeholders or clarifications required includes:

  • Which are the pests regularly seen or infested in the premise?
  • Which location are high key risk areas with pest activity?
  • Did the pest population reduce or increase and which period?
  • Is there a specific peak or spike during the year?
  • Any targeted location that is constantly facing challenges.

These queries can be better managed with data visibility to observe specific outliers, unique trending and zoom in to specific areas of concern to rectify those pest problems. Through the analysis, pest control experts can pinpoint better what are some possible reasons. Firstly, it could be due to high human and food preparation or consumption activities that attract pests at a specific location. Secondly, it may be related to poor housekeeping with trash and food waste found at the key risk area. Thirdly, lack of proofing or structure integrity can be a possible connection. Finally, environmental factors relating to cross infestation may occur and additional lines of defense are necessary.

Peace of mind and assurance

By experiencing the various key features and benefits, and observing the end -result in terms of detection accuracy and control efficacy, this raises the peace of mind and assurance to the users. In some sectors, there is a need for zero-tolerance to pests such as high dependency, medical and healthcare and food establishments. The safety of their consumers are at stake in the event of a compromised good or food contamination. Employee’s health and safety is as essential and protecting them remains a key priority for most businesses.

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Enhancing brand image through modernisation

There is a need to continue to brand reputation and credibility of the business strengths. For instance modernising its process and keeping up with technology as we enter into a digital world. It gives confidence and trust among employees, stakeholders, public and business partners. Particularly around pest control where users have raised their expectations in quality and efficacy, digitalising your pest control can promote brand reinforcement as leaders.

Debugged Blog Article Why is Digitalisation Important For Business Who Requires Digitalised Pest Control

Part 3: Who requires digitalised pest control?

Rats are a constant problem and among one of the top pest concerns besides mosquitoes. You can find them almost anywhere, ranging from common walks corridors, along the drains, in an office, along the ceiling and rooftops and even pantries where there is food. However, some business sectors specifically would face more concern and challenges around rat control, and digitalising the rat solutions can promote a more optimal outcome.

  • High dependency: Food manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors have high zero-tolerance to pests and undergo stringent and demanding regulatory compliance standards. They may face business closure, financial penalty or product recall in the event of infested goods
  • Food chain outlets: Running a premise of pest issues is worrying but managing a chain of outlets can be very stressful. Especially where reviews go viral due to a pest sighted or result of food poisoning
  • Facility management: Managing their clients’ property and development encompasses multiple roles from janitor, landscaping, facility cleaning and pest control. This sector faces regular tenants’ feedbacks and complaints and speed of response is needed
  • Complex and huge compounds: Industrial, manufacturing, logistics and warehouse are some environments that are large scale to manage pest infestation in a manual or traditional manner. There are many entry points or key risk areas to consider and address effectively
  • Service-centric and brand conscious: Sectors such as hotels and retail face intense public scrutiny when it comes to pests and health and safety. They are reliant on their positive reviews and repeat patronages to drive their business growth.

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