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Manufacturing- Key driver for Singapore GDP Growth

The manufacturing sector mainly contributed by electronics and biomedical manufacturing clusters advanced a 1.1% growth year on year.  While majority of the manufacturing businesses expects similar business performance in the 2nd half of the year, a weighted 11% of these businesses foresee a business condition improvement. These include clusters such as precision engineering, electronics and biomedical manufacturing.

However, for some manufacturing businesses such as transport engineering and chemicals, the business outlook might be less positive and optimistic. Some plans around the less optimistic outlook evolve around tightening hiring volume.

What this means to businesses in driving robust operations, consistent revenue growth, delivering service excellence and productivity while working on lean resources, requires basic fundamentals of facility management to be in place. For instance the health and safety of the employees has to be stepped up to ensure productivity is managed well. Risks of food contamination resulting from cockroach or rodent issue, transmission of diseases such as Dengue Fever or Zika Virus, or accidents due to damaged infrastructure could be minimised with a sound and integrated pest control measures.

Structural instability and electrical wiring damages that is caused by termite infestation and rodent gnawing of wires, which could potentially lead to fire or short circuit are some detrimental impacts that pest infestation could cause on larger scale.  This also translates to cost investments in damages repair, medical reimbursements if health and safety are affected and operational disruptions.

Given a large scale premise environment, identifying potential infestation risks can be challenging and time consuming. Rentokil specialists are trained to do this tedious job for businesses. A thorough site survey and inspection are conducted to identify hot spot risks and signs of early infestation.  

Because every business needs, environment, facility and budget is different, recommendations and solutions are also tailored and integrated to best fit businesses.  For example, solutions can range from basic to comprehensive coverage, or complemented with value added services such as reporting and training or, for the environmentally—friendly interest businesses, eco-friendly solutions are available.

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