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Fly Control Can Be Done in a Discreet Manner

Most food and beverage owners pay attention to the aesthetics and décor of the environment, providing a pleasant and luxurious dining experience, complimenting with quality cuisine and excellent customer service. However, ensuring a pest-free environment is an important, as all food establishment businesses embrace zero-tolerance policy to food contamination risks or worst of all, presence of pests in the premise. Many business owners are left wondering on how to get rid of flies in a safe and discreet manner?

House flies are well known as disease-transmission pest such as disease pathogen including Salmonellosis, polio, dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. They are attracted to wide variety of substances from excrement to human food. They are also attracted to buildings via odor and air current, or warm and moist material with sufficient food for larval development (for egg laying purposes). A fly infestation can happen very fast.  The best way to get rid of flies, besides nurturing health housekeeping habits, include the use of professional fly control methods.

The other common species, Fruit fly (as the name suggest) are attracted to fresh fruits and vegetables and animal excrement. They source for alternative sites such as soil mop and broom heads, fruit placed under table or cabinet, or left out in a bowl or dish water or mop water full of food particles provides ideal breeding sites.  Learn how to get rid of flies in your F & B establishments before a fly infestation takes hold.


As the leader in pest control who innovates solutions, we understand both efficacy and aesthetics outlook are equally important. The Illume, an Insect Light Trap technology is designed to help restaurants keep fly infestation at bay in a discreet manner, while maintaining a classy and elegant finish to the environment. The coverage area of 12m² is ideal to install at locations such as bar counters, restaurant receptions or takeaway corners.  Quick and easy installation and maintenance means delivering a hassle-free and convenient fly control solution to busy restaurant owners. The Illume comes with a worldwide safety certification and easily blend in the décor, passing off as a stylish lamp plug-in on the wall. This could be your best way to get rid of flies!

Find out more on our Fly Control Solutions to help keep fly infestation at bay in a discreet manner. For the best way to get rid of flies, visit www.rentokil.com.sg or call +6563478138 for more information.

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