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Amazing Facts about Rats You May Not Know

Understand facts about rats and their habitual nature

1. Rats swim

Rats are very good swimmers. In fact, this is how some of them manage to swim up their way through pipes and sewages into homes! Don’t be surprised to find one or two coming out from the toilet bowls!

2. Its teeth keep growing forever

That’s right. A rat’s teeth keep growing every day and the growing doesn’t stop. Thus this results in rats having the habit of gnawing to trim their teeth. If they don’t gnaw on things, their teeth grow to be too long for them to chew and eat properly.

Rat’s gnawing habits are a threat to us in terms of safety. Besides possibly chewing on our furniture and fixtures , in worse cases, they cause short circuits and fire to happen as a result when they gnaw on electrical wires.

3. Rats laugh

You heard it right. Rats do laugh! But not like humans, a rat’s laughter sound like it is squeaking. Scientists have observed that rats are actually capable of laughing when tickled. They also have to be in a good mood to laugh.

4. Rats are social creatures

Rats love being in groups and have friends. Their social behavior is so extreme that they tend to conform when in groups such as eating the food even though they dislike it but because everyone else is eating it. They also sleep in groups and are capable of taking care of the injured and weak rats in the group.

If a rat does not have friends to hang around with, it may sink into depression!

5. Excellent memory

Rats have shown to remember things such as the places they’ve been to and the type of routes they have taken before. And if they witness a fellow rat mate consuming something and dying because of it, the rest of the rats remember the incident and stay away from it.

6. Poor eyesight

“3 blind mice! 3 blind mice!” as heard in the English nursery rhyme… there is factual to this popular song as rats indeed have extremely poor eyesight. They have blurry eyes and depend largely on their whiskers, sense of touch and hearing to get around at night.

7. Highly intelligent

Rats avoid enemies and turn suspicious on new things easily. Being adaptive to our urban environment, they are quick to react and always on the guard against the new and unknown.

Rats are intelligent and social creatures

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Rats are capable of spreading harmful diseases to human health.

With their secretive nature and level of intelligence, effective rat control is raking up a tough challenge especially for pest control specialists lacking in experience and innovations.

Rentokil has more than 50 years of pest control experience in Singapore. We continually innovate to overcome present day challenges faced with pests. Read more on Rentokil’s Rat Trap Innovation in Singapore.

Engaging integrated rodent control solution

Pest inspections and treatments are important to keep a rat infestation under control with the public’s health and safety prioritized. Rats which are then caught should be disposed in a safe manner to avoid spreading of harmful diseases. Engage a professional to do it for you safely today at  (65) 6347 8138.

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