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Essential termite prevention tips

Strong, sharp and pointed jaws; with these, termites are able to bite and chew on wood easily. Over a short period of time, ceilings, walls and structures are damaged causing risks of collapsing.

Home owners today can now take into their hands, some termite prevention measures to protect your home and family early.


5 quick termite facts you should know

  • Termites feed on wood non-stop in a day 24 hours.
  • Subterranean termites live in soil underground.
  • Termite Queen life spans for 5 to 10 years and lays up to 160,000 eggs in a year!
  • A colony comprises of 95% worker termites; 5% soldier termites.
  • Mud tubes made out of soil and fecal matter is built by termites for them to travel around in.

Termite pest prevention tips

  • Roof Tiles- fix all broken tiles otherwise moisture gets into the house and attracts termites.
  • Down Pipes- leaking pipes provide steady source of moist conditions favorable for termites.
  • Debris Adjacent to Walls- Wooden logs, overgrown plants, mulch nearby attached to the house encourage termites to hide and live in.
  • Foundation Cracks- cracks and crevices enable termites’ easy entry into homes.
  • Garden Mulch- having the garden a distance away from the concrete house keeps it safe from easy termite access.

Prevent termite from damaging your home

Take pro-active steps today to prevent and protect your property from a possible termite attack. A comprehensive termite inspection using microwave heat technology to detect presence of termites gives your home and family the peace of mind assurance.

Termite has always been a challenging pest to detect and treat, and understanding level is lower compared to the common house pests we are all familiar with such as ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes. We have summarised a list of common questions and queries on termites.

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