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Understanding more about white ants pest control

Ants are common household companion we are all familiar with. They can annoy and disrupt our daily lives because of their recurring presence and harm they impose on us. Ants are known to be closely related to sugar. A common nag we used to hear, "do not eat sugary stuffs in the living room as ants may come infesting your home."

Ghost Ants (Sugar Ants) are usually found in kitchen and bathrooms. This is because of the presence of sweet and greasy food meals and vast of moisture for their consumption. Did you know? You may actually find more than just Sugar Ants in your home. Read here to find out more on the various ants types you should know.

White ants in particularly, has been a favourite search topic on the internet. It is a common confusion and identification we all struggled. Because there are red and black ants around, white ants are often mistook for ants as well. White ants are actually known as termites.

Here is a quick tip to help you differentiate white ants vs termites

  • Termite has a thicker waist and not clinched
  • They have straight antenna rather than bent
  • These pests have uniformed wings while ants with wings are larger at the front

Why is it crucial to identify the right type of ants species?

Ants, including white ants have different habitats, diet preference and infestation impact. This means they may not be suitable to eliminate with the same treatment type, frequency and methodology. Prevention and protection methods may differ from ants to ants. White ants pest control or also known as termite control is conducted in a very different manner from the usual household ants.

How to get rid of termites differently from household ants?

  • Prevention: For the usual home ants, minimising food intake among them and keeping the place clean from food debris and waste can help prevent ants from harbouring. However, for termites, wood, structure and moisture is what they favour. Keep the place dry and well ventilated, and check your home structure for potential termite activity helps to prevent a termite infestation.
  • Protection: Proofing and placing ants trap and applying insecticide gel can help do some protecting tricks in the short term. Termites travel sideways and upward, and are found within structures and underground. Long term termite protection involves building a protective barrier to control the colony and prevent further consumption to your home can be done.
  • Treatment: Specialist will perform residual spraying at key hot spot areas with regular inspections.  On the other hand termite treatments have options of baiting, drilling, foaming and localisation.

Find out what is the best termite treatment for your home, depending on the termite species that is infesting the place. They could be drywood termite attacking your furniture and fixtures or subterranean termites eating into your structure.

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