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What to Do When You Find Termites?

Usually when home owners find out the presence of termites at home, termite damage has already been done. What to do when you find termites?

The aftermath- Similar to recovering from a flu or an illness, the aftermath of a termite infestation can be daunting. Damaged or cracked wall structures, mud tubes grown on the wall, presence of “saw dust” collecting on the floor or surfaces and defective panels and door frames are some examples as a result of a termite infestation. In severe cases, there are incidents whereby door frame collapses or the ceiling drops!

Time is spent in sourcing for a contractor to repair. Spending heavy investment to fix or replace damaged structures and furniture and the disruption caused to see through these activities, such as taking time off or reshuffling some commitments at work or home.

What can you do when you find termites?

The interior design of the home can be compromised. This can be hurting especially spending time, effort and money in designing and sprucing up the home.

For first time home owners experiencing termite problem, it is important to know how to treat a termite infestation. While there are quick fix solutions or DIY alternatives, proper long term termite protection can help to bring around assurance, protection, and efficacy preventing further damage to the home.

white termites

The infestation level, nature of the home and the environment can be determined through a site survey. For example, for the environmentally-friendly enthusiast who seeks quick responsive efficacy and long lasting protection, an eco-friendly solution is recommended.

Read Questions to Ask Your Termite Pest Control

It is also important to check the surrounding of your home regularly, even after a termite attack and treatment has been conducted as termites do travel horizontally and vertically, and may potentially spread.

Besides looking out for signs on your structures and walls, do not neglect door frames and built-in panels as well. Another different species of termites can attack your home too, namely the Drywood Termite which often hit home owners, resulting in common complaints such as damaged or defective door frames.

Seek professional help to address your termite issues

Self-identification can be difficult; especially termites’ signs are less obvious and at times similar to even common pests such as carpenter ants! Avoid further damages and risks. Call (65) 6347 8138 to speak to a pest control expert today.

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