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Why should you do pest control after a home renovation?

Renovations are engaged for many purposes. For newly- purchased homes that needed a fresh and stylish spruce to make it lifestyle and cosy to live in, for home-ownership transfer that may not be in tip-top condition and requires refurbishment and repair or for existing home owners who has lived in the home for quite a period that requires repair and replacements due to wear and tear and property aging.

Here is a compilation of useful questions relating to pest control and costs for your ease of reading


Regardless which home-ownership stage you are in; renovation does come in at different phase of your stay. However, there is a misperception with renovation completed for the home, it means we are safe from pest risks? Here is a summary of why you should not ignore pest control solutions for your home.

There is always opportunity for pest to enter your home

Pests are tiny creatures that can slip in at any possible spaces. Beneath your door, through the ventilation fans, opened-windows for cool natural air, hitch-hiked on your shoes or clothes when you return are some possible opportunities, even if it means repairing and closing those gaps, cracks and crevices due to old degenerated structures.

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Pests get their food supplies from your meals and surroundings

Besides the common food sources that pests feed such as water, garbage or waste, or fruits and vegetables that can be found in the kitchen or dining area, there is also some less-expected things that pests feed on such as cellulose, organic fibre present in wood and paper which are common diet of a termite! Read more on why it is important to protect your newly renovated home from termite infestation.

Plants are favourite home décor but attractant for mozzies

Greens and plants are often used to live up the home, such as potted plants, flower beds, shrubs and cactus. Some common home habits that promotes the breed and infestation of mozzies are poor plant watering habits that encourage stagnant water. Because of the carbon dioxide it exudes, flying adult mosquitoes from neighbouring areas may fly into your home, especially with patio and balcony’s.

Problems via connecting chutes and pipes from your neighbours

Even though your home is renovated or in great condition, neighbouring homes’ condition plays a part in introducing pest risks. For instance, leaky pipe from above that may affect your home’s bathroom or kitchen. And moisture is the no 1 culprit in attracting pests for survival. For older homes with attached built-in waste chute, inappropriate waste disposal stains the inner compartment, thus encouraging pests and these pests may enter into your home when you open the lid for disposal.

Minimise additional investment and disruption after renovation

Home renovation requires both time and investment, and causing downtime in using the home properly and adequately. It is best to ensure all hassles and rectification are engaged after a renovation to keep infestation under control. This way, you can resume normal home activities and focus on other family and home priorities while keeping pest control matters in check. In addition, it minimises the need to spend on renovation or furniture replacement in the event of a pest infestation.

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Pest control price is just a fraction of renovation cost

Renovation cost is hefty and it is essential to maintain the home with proper home protection and maintenance. Comparing to what you have invested in your home décor, pest control price can be affordable and worthwhile, and just a small fraction of the entire renovation cost.

Read more on pest control cost in Singapore for your home here. Call a pest control specialist for a series of useful pest control recommendations to keep your home safe from pest invasion.

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