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The Real Cost of an Average Pest Control Service in Singapore

Homeowners are constantly keeping pests away especially for common pests such as ants and cockroaches that surface regularly in the home.Is engaging pest control services going to be a long-term commitment and what kind of cost does it involve?

The cost of a pest control is dependent on several factors

But first let’s find out more on the other indirect factors which can contribute to the real cost of a pest control service in Singapore.

Cross infestation can occur at any time of the year

Another concern about pests is that infestation can happen any time, regardless of the season. Cross infestation pests such as bed bugs easily transpor from person to person, location to location. The risk of bringing home these bugs is high.

A household hit by a bed bug infestation unprepared must get themselves mentally ready for an urgent bed bug treatment. Having a team of technicians on standby to activate for that urgent job during a weekend may cost more than a regular bed bug control treatment scheduled for a weekday.

If you already have a regular pest control; you can detect early signs of infestation

Pests that cause significant damage to home includes termites, carpenter ants and rodents. Having a regular inspection in place can detect early signs of an infestation that can prevent these pests from causing real and extensive damages in and around your home.

Some signs of pests are less obvious and more complex to untrained homeowners to detect. For example, rodents are active at night and their smear marks or urine stains may go unnoticed. For termites, unless mud tubes and cracked wall surface, termite activities within the affected structure are well hidden in plain sight until professional instrument is used such as the thermal tracker.

The cost of pest control services in Singapore

Here are some factors that determines how much do you really need to pay and commit.

  • There are inspections that rely on visual methods whereas some comes with gadgets that equips with microwave technology to detect pest presence
  • One-time removal or multiple treatments that serves with regular maintenance program, to prevent any possible pest recurrence due to an entry, brought in or poor home maintenance.
  • Frequency of visits depending on the situation, a home does not need very regular servicing for instance home with low infestation level or minimal pest risks. Intensive treatment is required for multiple pest or heavy infested home. 3 series treatment with a 1 time heat treatment is recommended for pests such bed bugs. This is due to their life cycle nature.
  • Type of chemical, solution or baits used matters. With many options available, different chemical or solution types may be recommended. There are environmentally-friendly and low toxic termiticides that embraces health safety. This come swith a higher price tag.
  • Treatment coverage include factors such as the number of pest-risk locations. Termite infestation along the home perimeter cost differently from common pests that occurs in the living room and kitchen.  Mosquito presences in the garden is another different scenario. Complexity and man-hours required to perform the treatment matters
  • Complexity of the service has an impact on pricing. This includes straightforward treatments such as residual spray around the corners and skirting of a home. Or placing of some baits at strategic hotspot. Complicated and elaborate treatments requires more trained labour and equipment to operate such as termite treatments.
  • After-treatment monitoring involves reliable pest control specialist to perform after-treatment follow up and monitoring. Pest problem is controlled and managed through follow ups. This is also to avoid and no other symptoms are surfacing.  Rentokil also offers professional recommendations and useful tips to help optimise the treatment.

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