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Tips for New and Old Home Owners

It really does not matter whether you are a new or old home owner in Singapore to face potential home issues, or later on even for pest issues to start surfacing.

Singapore’s tropical climate makes our homes vulnerable to all types of pests. Whether you like it or not, pests have become part of our daily lives; and as our homes wear and tear over time, the risk of pests invading our homes becomes higher. If left unchecked, new and old homes can be a pest breeding ground, building their colony and nesting sites at corners and hideouts at home.

With the hustle of daily life, cleaning and maintaining your homes may come as an extra work. We may take those clean walls and perfect plumbing for granted– until it starts to cause problems. It is crucial to maintain the sturdiness of our homes, whether new or old.

Here are some potential issues that homeowners often overlook

Pipes and Plumbing

Maintaining pipes and plumbing is no easy task, when we are not trained or skilled in the handy work. Leaks can start under the sink in your kitchen or in the pipes in the bathroom. The laundry area is also another key risk area with pipe issues connecting to the washer. Broken and leaky pipes often lead to water drips, droplets and in severe cases, heavy water spills collected.

All pests need moisture to survive, such as cockroaches, ants and termites to name a few, this is an open invitation for them to breed. Find out more on thirsty pests and their need for water.

Fix: You can start by casually checking the physical appearance of the pipes. Look for any broken cracks or scratched areas that may cause leaks. You can also check the faucet area for dripping water even when it’s turned closed. If you see any of these, tape them as a temporary measure to conceal the gaps, and make it a point to schedule an appointment with a credible plumber to fix your pipes and plumbing defects.

Dirt, Grime, and Dust

by poor house maintenance that result in a long-term build-up of dirt and grime or through improper draining habits like pouring oil, grease and fatty waste into sinks. These sediments build up under grease traps and manholes over a long period of time, which highly attract cockroaches and flies.

Fix: Cleaning is the best answer for dirt, grime and dust. Consistent and regular facility maintenance prevents a stubborn build-up over time, and also an opportunity to spot any potential signs of early pest issue. You also need to make it a habit to deep clean the drainage from time to time to avoid grease trap and drainage choke. Practice appropriate disposal by emptying greasy and oily waste into a bag, seal it and throw it in the rubbish chute or waste bin located outside the home.

Cracks, Crevices, Gaps

With aging, weather changes can cause structural damage. There will come a point when cracks and crevices will surface over time. Including ceilings and walls, thus creating entry points for pest to enter, either from the sides or the top. Cracks on the floor and tiles could also be contributed from weather changes such as contraction and expansion, and over time may cause cracks that allow pests to harbor in those gaps. As early as possible, don’t give them the opportunity to crawl into your lives.

Fix: Once you’ve spotted cracks and small openings at home, find a way to seal them by patching these gaps and holes. Homeowners can use credible sealants to close the gateways on your own. If you have wooden walls or flooring that is more vulnerable to termites and carpenter ants, you can consider treating and protecting them before it turns into an infestation. Read more on how to spot termite infestation.

Damps, Fungi, and Molds

Because of the tropical weather in Singapore, the changes in humidity can cause fungi to grow in your house. Humidity can damage your carpets and wallpapers, making them damp and moldy. Humid and poor ventilation allow pests to harbor in your home, for instance in the bathroom where there is a build-up of moist when the ventilation fan is not working. Molds grow well with warmth and moisture, and some pests such as spiders, booklice and moth are closely related to mold presence.

Fix: If carpets are heavily damp because of the humidity in the room, it would be best to put it out in the sun to dry; another option is throwing it away and buying a new one instead. Alternatively, engaging in regular professional domestic cleaning services that specialise in steam cleaning can be considered. If the wallpapers are already too moist and damped, you should consider replacing them for health reasons because inhaling mold and fungi has its dangers. Some health problems include respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Act as early as possible to treat pest harbourage and infestation

To all homeowners- All homes, whether new or old can be filled with pests, the only time our homes start harboring pests is when home improvements and corrections are not done as soon as possible. Factors like wear and tear, structural deterioration, environmental conditions, and user behavior and habits all play a role in the integrity of a house to be pest-free.

Act as early as possible, and use professional help. Call us at (65) 6347 8138 to seek professional advice from our pest control experts.

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