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How safe is your home from termites?

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With many home and décor advices, tutorials and home tour videos readily available online, everywhere is a worthy good source of inspiration. Passion in home designs brings home owners to exploration of different concepts and styles ranging from Modern Contemporary, Mediterranean to Scandinavian. These differentiated tastes will make the very first step toward building that dream home!


Do you know what makes a good food menu for termites in your home? Wood, plant, paper, cellulose, moisture; these are all it takes for a termite colony to be well fed 24 hours a day as they feed non-stop.

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Termite can be damaging to a home structure

Yet all these could be damaged and taken away overnight or in a matter of short time. What is the one small but powerful home pest found in Singapore which can take away your dream home? The answer is- Termite. Yes, termites can literally eat away your dream home. Termite damage can be real.

Beautiful houses or not, all homes deserve to be well protected for the health and safety of your family and loved ones. Home owners wanting to achieve a picture-perfect home can do it with a peace of mind now and be a truly home proud owner today.

Termites, also commonly known to many home owners as ‘white ants’, are not ants. It only takes one colony to destroy a house. Termite is a financially and architectural damaging pest.

We have compile a list of essential information about termites

Hot spots in a home prone to termite damage

  • Door and window frames
  • Flooring, wall panels
  • Roof and ceiling, staircases
  • Built in cabinets

Professional pest control services to safeguard your home

Termites (white ants) unlike any other common pest are challenging to identify and manage. Professional pest control services in Singapore can help to protect and guard your home.

Rentokil the Experts in Pest Control with more than 50 years of experience in local pest control service understands your worrying issue. We are here to extend care and expertise to alleviate hassles and optimize your comfort and safety.

Early detection and regular maintenance can help to protect your home and family from harm caused by pests. Call us at (65) 6347 8138 today.

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Myth busted

Find out if orange oil is effective in deterring termites.

"The staff was very informative on the white ants problem and gave good advice on how to detect and prevent infestation."

- Mr Peter Mealin, Residential Customer

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