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Are you getting the right termite treatment?

Termite treatments- You may have experienced calling various pest control companies for advice and price estimates. But the recommendations and cost involved vary, making it hard to compare and evaluate what’s best for your home to treat the termite infestation.

Common termite control challenges faced

  • Termite treatment package recommended sounded very comprehensive and integrated for the home: Is there a need to have a full suite of service? What are some of the items that can be omitted?
  • Cost estimates seem too pricey for the basic scope of work rendered. Why does It sound so expensive compared to similar treatments offered by other companies?
  • Duration of the treatment can be completed in 1 to 2 hours whereas some requires at least 2 to 3 days of downtime.
  • Termite treatment method and process is different from the norm. What are the differences among the various chemical brands? Do they work the same?

Which termite treatment is suitable for your problem?

So how do you know which termite treatment and service scope is suitable for your home? What is a reasonable price to pay for termite control? Here are some consideration factors to help you evaluate further:

  • Type of termite species
  • Pest control objectives
  • Budget appetite

Type of termite species matters

The 2 common termite species in a home are Subterranean and Drywood termite. Though within the termite family, both species breed at different parts of your home and requires different treatment methods to eliminate their presence.

For example, Drywood termites are found in door frames, panels, beams, or part of kitchen cabinet structure. Treatment coverage is usually smaller compared to covering the entire home’s perimeter. While the same termiticide can be applied for both termite species, the number of treatments, the size of coverage, the method of application, location identified and lasting effect is different.

Define your pest control needs and objectives

Credible pest control specialists design packages that suit your needs and pest challenge. For owners who seek safety and security as their top priority, they should consider long term protection packages that assure efficacy, adequate coverage with lasting residual effect. Such package typically involves drilling intervals around the property to inject termiticide to control colony from below the property structure to above. They usually last up to 7 years before a re-application of treatment is recommended and may cost more than general type of termite treatment.

What is your budget appetite

For some home dwellings that is old, due to be sold soon or meant for rental and owners are not willing to invest too much, basic treatment as a cheaper alternative can be considered. Such packages either offer termiticide with lesser features or short-term quick fix solutions. However, they are usually less effective as they do not address the root source and multiple treatments may be required as infestation spread. These packages also do not come with warranty.

Getting the right termite treatment

Unlike other pest types control, termites are more challenging and complex to understand and manage. We have compile a list of common questions raised

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