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How Do You Get Rid of Termites Yourself?

You make an online search on Google for “how to get rid of termites yourself” and your search come up with a long list of articles and videos showing you how and what are the many ways and options to use. Many methods promise to be effective, a quick remedy and even ‘natural’.

If you have a termite issue at your house or at your work premise, are there really simple ways to get rid of termites, secret remedies to get rid of them and even methods which claim to be of ‘natural’ ways?

Are there simple ways to get rid of termites?

There are various types of home owners and how they deal with a termite issue at home may vary very differently. But it is safe to say, more and more home owners are becoming pest-savvy in a way. They are much more informed about the type of pests they are dealing with in the house. This upward trend can be credited to us having one of the fastest internet speeds in the world. With 75% of the Singapore population online, they are able to find information that they need and want easily at a click.

Regardless of being pest-savvy, some home owners may panic at the moment when they have to face the real consequences of a termite infestation. Termites are capable of causing damage to items and home structures such as roof, staircases, door and window frames, depending on which termite species you are looking at. Read here to learn more about the damages caused by termites.

Therefore if you have a layman level of skills, knowledge and expertise about termites, the answer is no, there are no simple ways to get rid of termites presently. However all these changes when they go into the hands of a pest control specialist, that is where the experts in termite control come in with their skills, expertise, knowledge and termite treatments!

Is there a ‘natural’ way to get rid of termites?

We have explored before, our take on home remedies to get rid of termites in this article here- The Orange Oil Myth

Get rid of termites naturally using orange oil

  • Back to basics; do you know which type of termite species are you looking at in the first place? Subterranean or drywood termites?
  • Using a home remedy such as the orange oil does not provide treatment efficacy in the long run. It contains short residual effect
  • A short residual effect is unable to achieve a ‘control’ effect. I the long term, is not sufficient to get rid of a whole termite colony
  • Termites feed on wood 24 hours a day! A natural treatment may not serve its purpose to bring you peace of mind you are seeking.

Seeking professional termite control help

Professional termite control treatment extends care and expertise to alleviate hassles. They also aim to optimise your comfort and safety. Early detection and regular maintenance can help protect your home and family from harm caused by termites.

An integrated termite treatment protection plan can be drawn up for you, call Rentokil Singapore today at (65) 6347 8138.

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