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Why is it challenging to get rid of rat?

Why is it challeging to get rid of rat? Rats live among us. They scavenge for scraps of food left lying around and make their rounds in the dark at night. However, rats are increasingly seen scurrying around even in broad daylight. Public spaces, corridors, shopping malls, neighbourhood tenants and walkways are some newly observed rats’ hot spots.

We have compiled some insights on how rats control is seen as a challenging ordeal.

Rats are known to be mischievous by nature and one of the tough cookies in pest control. While pest control services are in place, find out why these pests are still elusive to control.

Rats are intelligent warriors

Rats are intelligent warriors. In fact, their brain functions are similar to the humans and there are several rat behaviours that indicate their intellect. For instance, rats have multiple means of communication. Their distinct squeaks serve as a way to talk to one another.

Other forms of communication include their urine, which contains a chemical substance called pheromones. It leaves signals to warn other rats of risks. They also use body language such as tail drumming to suggest aggression.

Same trick does not work twice

Have you wondered why rodent traps did not work after a successful catch? As it turns out, the reason why you catch more rats on the first night you set out traps than on any succeeding nights is that rats grow immune and cautious to the traps. Once bitten, twice shy. They exercise caution by learning these experiences and potential hazards.

Tips: Place traps along the walls and in concealed areas where they usually travel and alternate the baits to avoid immunity.

Cautious personality, not easy to be tricked

A major factor among rats is that they are innately suspicious of anything new and unfamiliar in their usual environment. These abilities can add to your frustrations when you are setting out traps only to find them undisturbed days later. This is also 1 common concern on why rat controls are not effective.

Tips: Install a rodent detection and monitoring device to observe their movements and activity before strategically planting traps with lure to trap them.

Flexibility is their asset

Rats surprisingly fit through small holes because they are natural contortionists with long, flexible, and cylindrical bodies. These features allow them to easily escape and slip through holes as small as 1 cm. In addition to that, they can also run, swim, and climb efficiently. This also means, searching them down and spotting their hideouts with speed are a lot harder, particularly out of reach spaces that are beyond our sight.

Tips: Use a Fluorescent Tracking Gel that can help detect rodent infestation by highlighting their tracks, routes and hideouts on surfaces these rats travelled.

Secretive pests

Rats are inherently secretive. Their primary means of avoiding predators is their use of familiar pathways and out-of-reach places such as tight corners, false ceilings and burrows. They don’t merely dart out into the middle of the room. Instead, they play it safe by traversing along walls and fences. In addition, their appearances at night make inspection a lot harder and less visible.

Tips: Traps are usually placed along the walls and also on false ceilings and roof tops which are common hot spot area for rats. Digital rodent control devices are also used to trigger their activity accurately.

Adopt integrated and digital rodent control programme

Rats are responsible for transmitting many life-threatening diseases. Their presence can compromise our health and safety. Early detection is crucial to combat their fast reproduction and prevent the spreading of infestation.

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