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The truth behind bed bugs control

The truth behind bed bugs control – It doesn’t matter how disciplined you are in housekeeping or how regular you maintain those beautiful furniture and upholstery, because bed bugs can keep invading your home due to:

  1. Cross infestation nature, by passing on or hitching on these bugs from human or object interaction
  2. Gaining entry at any possible small spaces since they are as tiny as an apple seed
  3. Bringing in a “bed bug carrier” such as 2nd hand items
  4. Negligence in spotting them, unless you take special notice especially at night

Popular DIY ways to control bed bugs

  • Using scent repellant methods such as vinegar, baking soda, cinnamon, garlic or cayenne pepper
  • Placing multiple repellent sachets around the home
  • Diligent cleaning of the home by sweeping, mopping the floor and wiping surfaces
  • Spraying insecticide at strategic areas such as skirting, wall, corners, furniture and any possible spaces you think bed bugs may be hiding
  • Engage steaming services for your curtains and upholstery regularly

Evaluation of methods that shows ineffective

  • More of just repelling bugs away, leaving these food sources around may even invite other pests
  • Similar to repelling purpose, it lacks the elimination and control function
  • Bed bugs are cross infestation based and could invade by entry, hitch on or brought in. Typically misperceived as pest of poor sanitation. Read more on how bed bugs travel with you and spread around.
  • This can manage beg bugs problem to some extent, largely at visible and obvious areas but neglect hiding bugs and eggs at undetected corners
  • May control eggs and clear some adults to some percentage but lack efficacy and coverage for total control. Bed Bugs require heat and chemical for optimal elimination. Read more to understand about bed bugs control and removal in Singapore.

Common pest myths you may heard of

  • Only dirty, unhygienic or cluttered homes are prone to be infested with bed bugs
  • Bed bugs only hide and breed on beds and mattresses
  • Home is safe so long no one travels in the family
  • Sun the mattress regularly will eliminate these bugs

Bed bug infestation should not be ignored

Bed bugs infestation is an issue not to be ignored or adopt the "wait and see" approach before taking an action to resolve it because it’s fast reproduction and quick spread nature.

Here is a typical scenario: Early and small symptoms that begins in a room or at a particular small spot for example just the mattress alone. These small symptoms in a wink of eye escalates to the curtains, sofa and affecting other rooms as well.

Panic kicks in when all D.I.Y. efforts seem futile.

Rentokil Bed Bug Enhanced Treatment stretches over a month of treatment including both spray and heat treatment with a 2-months warranty. Find out more on what to expect and how much it cost according to your home size and infestation level. Call  (65) 6347 8138 today.

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