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Bed Bug Control & Removal in Singapore

With over 300 pest control companies in Singapore, do you know what it takes to complete a bed bug control & removal treatment program with efficacy? We can tell you all that you need to know within a short time here.

The 3 main things which a pest control company will perform

  • Inspection
  • Residual spray on wall skirting, carpeted areas, furniture joints, cracks or crevices, bed frames and corner of mattresses
  • Steam treatment to eliminate adult bed bugs, larvae and eggs

The above 3 steps in a bed bug control & removal treatment, can only be conducted by trained, skilled and experienced pest control technicians.

3 questions concerning bed bug control & removal in Singapore

Are bed bugs common in Singapore?

Yes. Bed bugs are carried through travelling and from places like lounges, cinemas, airplanes, hotels. Bed bugs are cross infestation pest meaning they are brought in from people-to-people, people-to-surface manner. With Singapore being a global country with international business hubs, travelling and lifestyle habits in the country are prevalent and so are the bed bugs!

How much do a bed bug control & removal treatment method cost in Singapore?

What is the pest control price in Singapore? This is a really popular question and here is one of our top pages on our website every month- Pest Control Prices in Singapore. To get the idea of how much a bed bug control & removal program will cost, you will need to know 3 important things:

  • The price is dependent on the level of infestation
  • Size of the premise to be treated matters
  • Bed bug control usually requires at least 2 to 3 treatment visits for it to be adequate and effective.

Can pest control get rid of bed bugs?

e understand your fears and worries when dealing with bed bugs. Frustrations set in when homeowners face a recurring unresolved bed bug infestation, even after investing in treatments. There are many possibilities for the reason of a recurrence and here are some things you may like to start an open discussion with your pest control specialist:

  • Have we considered the life cycle of bed bugs?
  • Are the frequency and the number of treatments, adequate and sufficient?
  • How do they rate their effectiveness of the chemical and solutions used?
  • Can we have an integrated solution approach to deal with the infestation?

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Understanding bed bug control solutions in Singapore

For a bed bug control & removal program to be successful for both you and your pest control service provider in Singapore, home owners must also keep in mind not to ignore early signs of bed bugs, and adopt some do’s and don’ts when you get back home from an overseas travel.

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