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Can you get rid of bed bugs completely?

For home owners who experienced Bed Bug infestation in their home, they would have shared the same sentiments that frustration, fear and hassle in addressing the problem can be daunting. Many would have wondered, can you get rid of bed bugs completely?

Bed bugs are tiny and flat to be detected easily

For starters, because bed bugs are so flat and tiny, it is highly possible to miss out any hiding spots with remaining adult or baby bugs lying around in your home. Especially at tricky areas such as along the edges of bed mattresses, beneath or within the carpet fluff, behind headboards, corners or edges of your sofa and in-between seats lining, these bugs could easily hide and breed.

Pest signs of bed bugs

We tend to ignore minor or early tell-tale signs till the problem gets serious and visibly obvious. For example, we might either ignore a single dot of blood stain left by the bug or just squashed a spotted bug found, with the perception of that physical removal of pest presence resolves everything. In fact, the skin sheds of bed bugs can be easily overlooked given their light colored appearance, especially against a light background.

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Bed bugs are caused by cross infestation

Bed bugs are caused by cross infestation

Once we learnt about a neighbor or family member’s room infested with bed bugs, our initial reaction would be to ask if your home unit or room will be affected, given its spread of infestation without weeks and its ability to travel and it’s ease in getting transported or relocated. Without control measures in place, these bugs can spread to nearby locations.

As we all know, bed bugs are caused by cross-infestation, meaning people who travel are at higher risks of bringing these bugs back, typically people who are on regular business trips. While existing bug problem is resolved, the tendency of repeated incident may be high, with the frequency of travelling engaged. Get your essential dos and don’ts travel checklist here to help safeguard your home from a bug invasion.

Reasons why bed bug infestation can recur

To most home owners, their nightmare and biggest fear would be continuously facing a recurrence or unresolved infestation even after investing in treatments. There are many possibilities for ineffectiveness besides housekeeping and diligent monitoring, for example are the treatments designed adequately to cover the lifecycle of the bug (both the eggs and adults), are the frequency and number of treatments sufficient, are the chemical and solutions effective, is there an integrated solution in place that can treat hard to reach spaces or sensitive areas?

Learning more about bed bug bites

Because bed bugs are active at night and usually bite us when we are asleep, these bugs can go Scott-free as the bites are painless and we do not realise till we notice red, itchy and small flatly raised bumps, commonly found on our upper body, such as neck, arms and shoulders. Find out if that bump on your body is caused by bed bugs, or caused by other biting pests such as ticks, fleas or mosquitoes.

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Frequently-asked questions about bed bugs

What is the main cause of bed bug infestation?

Travelling and the use of second-hand furniture are common causes of bed bug infestation. Being extremely small and difficult to detect, bed bugs can easily attach themselves to humans, bags, furniture, and clothing and transported from one place to another. Their main source of food is human blood, which is why they are most common in places that have a lot of human activity, especially furniture, lodging and transportation.

How to identify and detect bed bugs in the home?

Here are a few ways to identify bed bugs in your home:

  1. Fecal stains - On fabric, bed bug fecal stains look like black and dark marks while they look like small bubbles on hard surfaces
  2. Moulted skin - Bed bugs shed at least 5 times before reaching adulthood. Look out for any discarded exoskeletons on your mattress
  3. Bedbug bites around arms, feet, neck and hands. Do note that bedbug bites tend to be slightly raised and appears in clusters
  4. Live or dead bugs - Bed bugs have flattened, oval-shaped bodies that are reddish-brown in colour, and incredibly small (5mm in length)

If you happen to have any of these signs or unsure of whether you have bed bugs, calling a professional pest control service can help identify and offer removal solutions.

Do DIY bed bug eradication methods work?

DIY bed bugs method only work to a certain extent. As a cross-infestation pest, bed bugs can spread easily and quickly to other areas in the premise without humans noticing. They are also capable of hiding well to avoid the attention of individuals in removing them. In addition, bed bug infestation occurs anytime so long as they have the chance to latch on hosts and bringing them home for reproduction. Maintaining proper sanitation of your home can reduce their hiding opportunity while looking out for signs of bed bugs.

Can bed bugs spread diseases?

Bed bugs causes bites that are red, itchy and slight swelling and in severe cases, it can develop into skin infestation or trigger allergies. Bed bugs can also cause stress and sleep deprivation while trying to resolve the infestation or battling with the bites and presence at night.

How to get rid of bed bugs quickly?

Firstly, thoroughly vacuum your entire home including the tops of beds and sofas. Secondly, you should also change all of your sheets - bedsheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, and have them laundered in high temperature. Thirdly, empty vacuum waste carefully to avoid dropping off adult bugs back for reproduction. Fourthly, avoid putting bags and suitcase on the bed that bed bugs can carry on. Nonetheless, as bed bugs are difficult to detect on your own, the best way to get rid of bed bugs quickly is to contact a professional bed bug control specialist. They are equipped with the right knowledge, tools and solutions to address bed bug problem.

How is bed bug control carried out by pest control companies?

Pest control companies carry out bed bug control in the following ways

  • Inspect the premises to determine where the bed bugs and how severe the infestation
  • Ensure site risk assessment is carefully evaluated for safety reasons
  • Decide on the type of treatment including the number of treatments, application mode and active ingredient
  • Brief pre and post bed bug treatment adequately and what to expect in the process
  • Carry out the treatment including residual spray and steam treatment
  • Conduct post treatment inspection and monitoring

Do contact a professional pest control service if you would like to learn more the different packages of bed bug control.

Natural bed bug control remedies that may not work

You may have tried various natural efforts in getting rid of bed bugs to no avail, such as by repelling them with strong and distinctive scents including the use of baking soda, pepper, and essential oils from tea tree or lavender and cinnamon. This is because instead of killing the bed bugs, these natural remedies work by deterring bed bugs for a short while before the bed bugs regain their sense of navigation. Secondly, some of these natural remedies can turn into a food source that can trigger a pest infestation. Finally, bed bugs can slip into gaps and corners easily, thus eliminating them with any remedies can be a challenge unless managed by a pest control expert.

Enhanced bed bug control solutions

Let the professionals to take care of your frustration and fears in managing bed bug infestation and recommend enhanced bed bug solutions with monitoring and inspection in place, to ensure adequate protection and efficacy in resolving your problem. Call (65) 6347 8138 today.

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