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Can Bed Bugs Travel in Luggage?

How does bed bugs travel and spread?

We have heard of how bed bugs are transported back to homes after a trip or holiday. We also heard of many nasty encounters of serious bed bug infestation that spreads the entire home, damaging home furnishings, bed sets and curtain drapes. Are these horror stories true? Yes, bed bugs can travel in luggage.

Simple travel checklist to prevent bringing bed bugs back

Protect your luggage from bed bugs

Given their flat tiny body, bed bugs tend to stick and hide within fabric such as hand bags, back packs and luggage. Some useful tips you can consider includes avoiding luggage that is made of fabric, instead you may consider the hard-surface designs.

Always remember, do not place your luggage on the bed when packing or unpacking as bed bugs tend to hide on bed mattresses to seek warmth. We hope this answer your question on whether can bed bugs travel in luggage.

Inspect the hotel bedroom before settling in

Inspect the room and check at common bed bug hot spots before resting and settling in well. Notify the hotel housekeeping if you notice potential bed bug infestation symptoms such as reddish or brownish stains on the bed, or presence of tiny dots that is dark in colour (they are actually the bug’s excrement), egg shells or pale yellow skin that is found on surfaces, or even the presence of live bed bugs crawling around.

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Where to find bed bugs in a room

Handle soiled laundry with care

Have a seal-able laundry bag to keep your used and soiled clothes instead of just packing them directly into your luggage. When back home, immediately empty the laundry from the bag gently with care to avoid slipping off some bed bugs that may be carried in from your trip. Use high heat temperature washer or dryer to eliminate any source of live bugs. Fold the bag carefully and dispose them to avoid releasing these bed bugs in your home for further breeding.

Use anti-bed bug spray or repellent sachets

There are several brands or bed bug repellent or removal sprays and sachets available in D.I.Y. shops. While there may be efficacy and effectiveness case studies and reviews, some repelling protection may provide that little extra protection. Travel size units are available to bring along for your convenience.

Conduct pre-hotel reviews on bed bug cases

Before the trip, it may be useful doing some online review checks on potential bed bug complaints or incidents of the hotel you are putting up at. More precautionary actions may be taken to protect yourself, or alternatively, you may consider switching to another hotel for safety purposes.

Engage in professional bed bug control

Put your mind at ease by engaging in professional pest control specialist to conduct a proper site inspection of your home to ensure no traces of bed bug signs are present. Early rectification of the problem can be carried out to minimise turning the problem into a serious epidemic.

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