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Steps to Take: What to Expect in a Bed Bug Home Treatment

What can you expect in a bed bug home treatment to be carried out by your pest control specialist? Here are some quick tips for you to get yourself better prepared in the event that you have hired a local pest control company to help you with your bed bug control at home.

Let’s take an example of a standard bed bug program you have signed up for in this case, the treatment process includes both residual spraying and dry steaming. Residual spray kills adult bed bugs upon chemical contact and steaming is able to eradicate bed bug eggs and larvae through the thermal shock delivered.

Home owners are usually clueless about what to look out for before they even signed for a bed bug treatment program. Fret not! If you have not already know, check out this list of questions we collected here for you in this useful read- 6 Questions to Get the Best Treatment for Bed Bugs

Steps to take BEFORE a bed bug home treatment

  • Cover all eating and drinking utensils nearby
  • Remove all plants, move pets and fishes away from the area that is going to be treated
  • Cover or remove all valuable antiques & jewelries away from treated area
  • Important: Do not attempt to use a DIY bed bug spray first on anywhere of the infestation, this will only make the situation worse when the bed bugs spread out and hide in crevices farther away

Steps to take DURING a bed bug home treatment

  • Evacuate the household, make sure no one stays behind while the residual spraying is on-going. Leave the house vacant at least 4 to 5 hours after treatment is done.
  • Do not attempt to tag along your pest control technician around the house while they are carrying out the treatment. Professional pest control technicians wear protective gears and mask while spraying. You may risk breathing in harmful chemicals without a proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Steps to take AFTER a bed bug home treatment

  • Upon returning back home, open up all windows for ventilation.
  • Cleaning after a bed bug treatment: perform diligent housekeeping such as washing and bedsheets, curtains and clothes in a dryer on high setting. Stuffed toys may also be placed in a hot dryer for 30 minutes.
  • Wipe down all floors, table tops and places where surfaces may have been sprayed on.

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How to get rid of bed bugs for good?

Many of us would have this common question- Can we get rid of bed bugs completely? And most importantly, after a bed bug treatment at home, would I be completely safe from bed bugs in the future? The answer is a no and yes.

No because we all know that bed bugs are cross-infestation pests. They could be easily brought into homes from outside when you visit places and travel often. Places such as hotels, airplanes, cinema theatres and sofa lounges are all capable of hiding these tiny and flat bed bugs. Well known for being ‘hitchhikers’, these bed bugs then latch onto your clothing or travel luggage to bring home. They are particularly fond of fabrics and upholsteries.

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Yes because in modern days pest control, we are able to understand pest behavior much better, so as to forestall any chances under different circumstances to prevent an infestation from happening. Firstly, we learn to identify signs of bed bugs early. This is critical when we know the signs of bed bugs- we can get professional help early to contain the infestation and do not let it go out of control.

Secondly, when we know how bed bugs happen, where bed bugs come from and how they behave typically, these make it more comforting for us not to fear the unknowns. Even as we globe trot around the world and come home, we know exactly what to do now to prevent bringing one or two of them back to start a home!

Some simple Dos & Don’ts you should know when you return home from a travel are:

  • Placing your luggage on or near to your bed
  • Placing dirty and clean linens together
  • Vacuum carpet or fabric drapes and upholstered furniture regularly
  • Pull beds away from the wall
  • Remove layer by layer and check for any bed bug on the sheets

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Rentokil’s New Enhanced Bed Bug Control

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