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5 cockroach facts and how to keep them away

What is the best way to get rid of roaches? Learn cockroach facts so that you can keep out a cockroach infestation in your premise before it’s too late.

Here are some reasons why cockroach infestation should not be taken lightly

For a cockroach infestation to start, pests have to make their way in your premises somehow

For a cockroach infestation to start, pests have to make their way in your premises somehow. With a physically small flat body, there is more than enough room for these cockroaches to squeeze their way in through loose seals around windows and doors, or tears along window or door screens. Remember to seal your windows and doors.

Walls will crack because of seasonality or temperature condition

For instance changes in climate causes building materials to expand or contract, or due to poor foundation, structural problems and presence of moisture. Moisture could cause home materials to mold, rot, weaken or bloat. These are perfect entry for cockroaches. Remember to seal and patch your cracks.

Pests need food just like human beings

By leaving food out for long periods, it means enticing and allowing a cockroach infestation to happen in your place! Always remember to store food in airtight containers and clear all presence of food in the open.

Cleanliness is the culprit to many health and hygiene related issues

Kitchen, counter or table tops are typical surfaces that attract food remains or particles and crumbs. The only way to deprive cockroach food is to keep the place clean. Always remember to mop and sweep regularly, wipe surfaces and do dish washing diligently. This is the best way to get rid of roaches.

We tend to clutter our space with unwanted or excess items

Boxes, cartons, packages and bags accumulation means giving cockroaches their safe hideout from us! Cockroaches do not like to be out in the open and typically emerge at night. These means, we can potentially miss them as they seek refuge. Remember to keep boxes off the floor and minimize the clutter at your place.

Be Aware. Cockroaches are active at night

If you spot them in the day time, it could mean your place is having a heavy cockroach infestation. Spotting cockroach droppings is also a sure sign of cockroach presence.

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