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6 fun facts of mosquitoes in Singapore

Dengue cases in Singapore has been a buzzing topic and embraced by the NEA Singapore in removing mosquito breeding through the 5-step mozzie wipeout. To protect from dengue fever, most residents and businesses engage professional pest control services to get rid of mosquitoes. Expat Living shared the peak season of dengue fever in Singapore and dengue symptoms to look out for to protect yourself and your family.

Rentokil Singapore collaborates with Dr. Tim Möhlmann in sharing 5 interesting facts about mosquitoes and innovative mosquito control options.

Debugged Blog 6 Fun Facts Of Mosquitoes In Singapore Dengue Facts

For readers’ convenience, here are some most read articles on how to prevent dengue, what attracts mosquitoes and how to prevent mosquitoes at home.

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Why do mosquitoes tend to buzz around our ears?

Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 that we exhale. Firstly, they are attracted to the upper part of your body. Secondly, mosquitoes have an incredibly fast wing-beat of around 600 times per second. In summary, this creates a sound that we hear as the annoying high buzz. However, other pests that are hovering around us, and producing similar buzzing sound such as the bees and flies.


How do mosquitoes find their perfect partner?

Based on their wing-beat frequency. When a mosquito meets another from the opposite-gender, they will engage in a courtship duet. Each mosquito will alter its wing-beat frequency in response to the flight tone of the other. If this is the perfect partner, their flight-tone frequencies synchronized within a matter of seconds.

How much of a blood meal is enough for female mozzies to survive and breed?

Firstly, mosquitoes survive on sweets like nectar and honeydew. Secondly, they do not need a blood meal to survive. Thirdly, female mosquitoes take a blood meal to develop eggs and secure a next generation of mosquitoes. Fourthly, the number of eggs that a female can produce depends on the amount of blood she can take during a blood meal. Lastly, very low quantities are enough for a mosquito to reproduce. In conclusion, a blood meal of 4 µl (microliter), is enough to develop at least 100 eggs.

Debugged Blog 6 Fun Facts Of Mosquitoes In Singapore Mosquitoes Require Blood Meal

How is it that mozzies can track and follow you?

There are experiences that mozzies will be lingering around you for a while.

  • Mosquitoes have extremely sensitive olfactory organs in their antennae
  • Based on CO2 odour mosquitoes can track humans several meters away
  • Once they have locked-in on a target they will not easily move away before they have had their blood meal
  • Are mosquitoes’ big beer fans?

    There are myths around people that get attracted when they drink beer. There is little evidence that this is indeed true. Firstly, the most important factor that determines your attractiveness to mosquitoes depends on odours produced by bacteria on your skin. However, it is not known the combination of your skin microbial community is most attractive for mosquitoes.


    Is it true that Mozzies are vegetarians?

    Male mosquitoes are purely vegetarians, they can survive on only sweet and plant produced substances like nectar. Female mosquitoes can also survive on only plant produced sweets, but require a human (or animal) blood meal to reproduce.


    Mosquitoes resistant to chemicals that make mosquito control difficult

    Mosquitoes can become resistant to insecticide chemicals over time. Natural variation occurs within a mosquito population, similar to variation we see within the human population. Mosquitoes are exposed to small quantities of chemical and eliminated as the application of these insecticides.

    However, mosquitoes that have an adaptation that allows them to survive exposure to the insecticides. The adapted mosquito will be one of the few to reproduce. The offspring of this resistant mosquito will have a higher chance of resistance to insecticide.

    In conclusion, spraying with chemical insecticides slowly creates a mosquito population that is resistant and no longer eliminated by the chemicals.

    Installing the In2Care mosquito trap to get rid of mosquitoes

    Firstly, the trap avoids the problem of resistance through two smart innovations.

    • Mosquitoes are less likely to become resistant to the combination of biocides used in the In2Care Trap.
    • The fungus kills adult mosquitoes slowly in 7 to 14 days, still allowing the mosquitoes to lay eggs.
    • It reduces the pressure that causes resistance with normal insecticides.
    • The second biocide, pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator that used to develop from larvae to adult.
    • When applied in breeding sites of larvae, this will disrupt the lifecycle and prevent them from developing into adults
    • It is therefore much harder for mosquitoes to develop resistance against an insect growth hormone.

    Secondly, the method of application of biocide particles to the mosquito based on In2Care’s patented static charge technology. Thirdly, with this technique, we are able to apply a high dose of biocide directly onto the mosquito. Finally, this higher dose makes it more difficult for mosquitoes to develop adaptations to overcome the biocides from killing them.

    Engaging best Pest Control Company for mosquito treatment

    Mosquito control is challenging and the diseases it causes to us is detrimental and fatal. It is essential to engage best pest control specialist to ensure credible and trustworthy service carried out. Some evaluation factors include:

    • Positive pest control customer reviews on service satisfaction
    • Certifications and accolades as quality testament
    • Digitalising pest control management
    • Price of pest control includes value added service
    • Professional recommendations and pest tips

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