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Top Ten Cockroach Blog Trending Topics

No one likes cockroaches and the sight of the fast and gliding roach swerving towards us is enough to create a huge emotional stress at home. Yes, no one likes cockroaches for many reasons, besides the phobia it cause, cockroaches are unhygienic pests that causes health implications while efficient enough to escape from pest control hands. Rentokil shares the top ten blog articles on cockroaches, what essential facts you know and pest control solutions for your cockroach infestation in your home.

Cockroaches have various strengths to keep surviving

Roaches are strong survivors that are able to overcome possible challenges to get them going. This includes sustaining their live for a week without their heads and holding their breath for as long as 40 minutes. Their body parts and breathing system are different from other pests or even humans where they do not breathe through a mouth of nose. Instead, they take in oxygen through their spiracles that transports air through a tube. This is also another reason why head is not an essential part of survival as such.

They travel effectively from place to place and because of their lightning speed movements, it is hard to attack them with a spray or roll up newspaper. Your home is at risk of a cockroach problem through cross infestation means as they can run as long as three miles per hour and while they do not need feed as badly to stay alive, water and moisture are their basic essential. A tip for cockroach prevention is to mop and wipe dry floor and surfaces and avoid collecting water for roaches to feed.

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Do DIY remedies work in getting rid of cockroaches?

Have you tried applying various remedies recommended from friends or through a forum online to keep cockroaches away? You may be familiar with using ingredients such as pandan or bay leaves, essential oils particularly peppermint, bags of mothballs or silica gels and to the extent of designing your baits with sugar, boric acid and petroleum jelly. Besides resulting into a messy, dirty and even gooey environment, most DIY remedies not only end up inviting more pests as a food source, but less success with a mere repelling effect. Besides, cockroaches’ hideouts can be difficult to spot, and their presence is secretive as they appear at night. More importantly, their nests and breeding source may be still hiding somewhere in your home. Thus, producing an ineffective cockroach elimination effort.

Five essential reasons why cockroach control is important?

No one likes pests lurking around in our homes especially some can be annoying and a phobia to various individuals. Pests leave traces of remains behind as they move along such as their poops and urine and is one way in ruining your home aesthetics. However, one of the key reasons why we should not treat engaging a cockroach control lightly because of their harm they can pose to us. This includes triggering possible allergies and respiratory symptoms, food contamination and poisoning, and even bites in some cases. **Pest bites** can result in rash and skin infection if not dealt properly, and possibly allergies among some. Cockroach travels, reproduce and hide well and may turn a simple infestation into a serious case.

Find out where are the unexpected cockroach hotspots

A home has various rooms and house unaccountable number of items that can habour germs and bacteria, while housing pests to rest and breed. While it may not be the easiest task to detect roaches in the home, here are some of their favorite haunts including:

  • Kitchen: Where not only they can feed on water, food and trash but also hide among warm, damp and dark spaces including appliances, kitchen sinks and cabinets.
  • Bathroom: Every living creature requires water and so are roaches and with their breathing capabilities, they can emerge from sewers, pipes and toilet bowls
  • Attic and Basement: These are quiet hideouts with moist and humidity that cockroaches favour. These are places with piles and clutters perfect for their hiding
  • Ceilings and Upper Decks: They can travel and even stay above your home including ceilings, boards, exhaust and around air-conditioning unit where it generates warm and moist
  • Drains and manhole: They are unhygienic pests that go for decaying matter and trash and drains, manhole and grease traps are one of their common gathering venue
  • Storeroom and warehouse: With negligence and maintenance in these locations, cockroaches can hide effectively those newspapers, boxes, cartons and unwanted items
  • House furniture and items: You may encounter incidences where a cockroach suddenly pops out of the curtain, painting rugs and while opening a cupboard

Complete guide to cockroach control – What you need to know?

We understand dealing with a pest problem at home can be worrying and nerve wreaking especially if there is a large population infesting around. Rentokil Initial has shared the complete guide to cockroach control with critical information you need to know when dealing with cockroaches. Firstly, it covers information on cockroach species and pest facts and possible causes of attracting cockroaches to a home. Secondly, it shares the types of food that attracts them to feed. Thirdly, you can learn to identify infestation signs and locations you should look for them. Fourthly, discover the kind of common house mistakes you may have done that increase the risk of cockroach infestation. Finally, we debugged some of your favorite pest myths relating to cockroaches. Furthermore, we discuss the pest control price of cockroach treatment if those home remedies do not work.

What are cockroaches attracted to in our home?

Who does not like a safe and cozy home where we can rest well in an undisturbed manner? There are specific attractions for a pest to come near their targets for example, bed bugs are attracted to body warm from us while mosquitoes seeks targets where there are presence of lactic acid and carbon dioxide or among plants. Cockroaches are attracted to the poorly sanitised condition of your home, especially at poorly maintained drains and manhole. Rubbish chute, waste and garbage bins are another attraction for roaches with their liking for food scrapes and decomposed matters. Bathrooms, balcony and sinks with moist and water are also another key risk area where they seek water as food source.

Finally, dark and quiet corners in particular if they have been neglected is something roaches like to avoid from predators. In summary, ensure you perform your diligent housekeeping and improving the sanitation standard. Clear unwanted junks and items to eliminate a hiding opportunity.

What you need to know about a cockroach infestation?

What happens if your home has presence of cockroaches or already experiencing a serious condition? Firstly, do not panic, fret and start seeking all sorts of remedies in an attempt to get rid of cockroaches. Secondly, understand what actions and how did your home end up with an infestation. This includes questions on pest-proofing your home, maintaining a clean environment and clearing trash. Thirdly, understand the life stages of cockroaches comprising the eggs stage, their nymphs and developing into adult. Incubation period of cockroaches range from 28 days to 60 days and lay up to 40 eggs at one time. This also explains why the recommended pest control frequency for cockroach treatment is usually monthly or bi-monthly depending on the severity. Finally, it is important to keep monitoring the efficacy and pest population. This ensures the cockroach solutions are working for you.

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How to protect ourselves from cockroach bite?

Cockroaches are less common pests known to bite humans, as compared to bed bugs and mosquitoes that bite and suck blood from us. Other pests with incisors such as rats gnaw on items including wiring. In addition, other flying pests can bite and sting when threatened. Cockroach can bite when they need food source desperately. This happens when there is a limitation of food supply or the home has serious cockroach infestation, resulting in competition. Cockroach bites are usually itchy, swell (or raised bumps) and are red. You may experience one or a cluster of bites and when they are not managed properly, most bites will turn into a skin infection or allergy. It is important to avoid scratching, apply itch relief cream or lotion and seek medical advice if the condition worsens. Keep the bite wound clean and dry and do not attempt to treat the wound if unsure.

Why are cockroaches harmful pests that needs to eliminate?

We are all aware that pests are harmful and spread diseases. An example is the dengue fever that most of us are very concerned. We know that cockroaches can contaminate food and causes symptoms such as diahhrea, vomiting and even fever. However, how much do we know about cockroaches that are important reasons for elimination? In the earlier segment, we have discussed about dangers of cockroaches causing allergies. These are a due to their saliva, dropping and the bites. Here are more sharing about the different kinds of diseases cockroaches can transmit.


Inflammation of the stomach and intestines where we know them as stomach or gastric flu. This is triggered due to bacteria and viruses that cockroaches picked up and spread them onto our food consumption or preparation process. You may experience symptoms including diarrhea, nauseating or vomiting, fever, stomachaches or cramps. In severe cases, it can cause dehydration due to the vomiting and diarrhea. It is critical to seek medical help and take more fluids and rest.

Typhoid Fever

A serious condition transmitted by the Salmonalla (a bacterial infection) and causes high fever, making an individual feeling very weak and sick. Onsite symptoms kicks in between six to thirty days. Some may experience skin rash and headaches, which may sound similar to those of dengue fever. They are transmitted through the consumption of contaminated water and food, common in poor hygiene and sanitation environment.


It causes diarrhea condition, results in dehydration due to fluid loss and transmitted through contaminated consumption. For example, cockroaches will glide through exposed food, drinks utensils and cooking tools and drops their poops as they travel across. This is a reason why it is critical to cover any food ingredients or store food supplies adequately to avoid exposing us to Cholera risks. Also, always remember to clean and wipe plates and cutleries before use. This helps to remove traces of these bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms.


It is also another bacterial diseases relating to food safety, with symptoms ranging between four to seven days or even more. Individual may experience diahhrea, vomiting, fever (and headache or with chills) and stomach cramps. Besides consuming poor-handled food, Salmonella often takes place because of poor hygiene. For instance, not washing hands before and after eating or while preparing food. Salmonella infection can be severe when individuals get dehydrated due to fluid loss. It is important to see a doctor to have yourself treated from the symptoms.

Five tips to keep your car cockroach-free?

Ever notice how some vehicles have stashes of pandan leaves placed at the back of car seat? Some might use them for scenting purpose, but there are believers that pandan leaves can repel cockroaches. While, there is no scientific evidence to show the efficacy and control effectiveness of using these natural remedies, pandan leaves or other ingredients can result in another infestation problem. However, for those who have phobia for cockroaches and will like to minimise accident risks when we get up close and personal with these crawlies, here are some pest tips you can adopt:

  • Vacuum the car carpets, seats and corners or gaps in between seats
  • Avoid eating or drinking in the car, that leaves spills and residues behind
  • When bringing in items from outside, check for traces of pests latching on it
  • Keep windows and car door closed regularly to avoid pest entry
  • Clear the clutters and piles in the boot to avoid hideout opportunities for roaches
  • Check your vehicle for any cockroach infestation signs and take quick recovery actions
  • Refrain from placing a mini bin for trash disposal, any waste should be removed immediately
Debugged Blog Top 10 Cockroach Blog Trending Topics Cockroach Control

Get rid of cockroaches with Rentokil Pest Control

You can reduce the stress level in dealing with recurring cockroach presence and ensure safety among the family members. Consider engaging in adequate pest control services such as professional cockroach eradication. Professional services including the assessment of treated premise and its surrounding environment while evaluating risk factors before taking next course of action. There are a series of questions to ask to understand the situation better. These include how often do you notice the presence, has the infestation worsen, what activities are taking place and what pest treatments have been taken.

For commercial sectors, additional questions and considerations including the business needs, type of service delivered, compliance and audit needs and any reporting required. Particularly for food establishment and high dependency business, more assessment and surveying of the premise is necessary. For residential sectors, factors including sanitation and housekeeping standards, area of location, home condition and lifestyle habits will be analysed.

Cockroach treatments typically involves residual spray at strategic corners or areas with high cockroach activity with proper dosed active ingredient. Additional treatments may be required if infestation is heavy, or require a combination of solutions to bring optimal results. Baits and gels may be used as well to support and complement the existing treatment. Pest control companies will carry out the monitoring and post-treatment inspection to ensure pest efficacy and cockroach population is well under control.

Debugged Blog Top 10 Cockroach Blog Trending Topics FAQ

How do I ensure my cockroach control is effective?

No one likes to face returning cockroaches despite taking multiple pest management efforts. They not only incur expenses but also time spent in arranging them. In order to ensure effective cockroach control, here are some factors to consider:

  • Is the treatment covering at key risk areas adequately?
  • Are the active ingredients of the right quality and dilatation rate?
  • Consistency, continuity and regularity of the treatments?
  • Did you maintain sufficient cleanliness and sanitation standards?
  • Are the premise well proofed against pest entries?
  • Any cross infestation risks happening from the surrounding
  • Is there proper storage of food ingredients in the kitchen
  • Do you dispose trash regularly and ensure well-secure bins?

When do we need to engage in cockroach control?

Firstly, if you notice presence of crawling cockroaches in the daytime, most likely your home is suffering from heavy or serious infestation. This is because they only appear in the night to search for food. Secondly, if you notice an increase in population or a sudden presence of cockroaches, it is best to treat while it seems to be one-off isolation problem. Thirdly, take notice of pest infestation signs. These include droppings, egg cases, urine stains and a strong, musty and distinctive smell that is coming from their poops and urine. Finally, cockroaches do not bite however; there are cockroach bite incidences due to food limitation and population increment. When this happens, it is important to seek proactive treatment with a pest control specialist. Above all, it is a good practice to engage in a cockroach control to either detect for any possible signs of cockroach infestation, or go on a maintenance and protection approach to prevent a start of an infestation.

What species types do cockroach treatment covers?

Cockroach treatment covers a wide of cockroach species. The most common types of cockroaches seen in homes are both the German cockroach and the American cockroach. These species favour warm and moist environment with high humidity. Examples include the drains, grease traps and sewers and dark and quiet corners that do not get spotted. Hiding corners include the back and beneath of furniture and appliance, in the cabinet and among clutters and boxes in the storeroom. Another species is the brown-banded cockroach, with the light brown band on their body. They are often found among filthy spaces including trash and lurk in warm and quiet shelter to nest and breed.

How do I check for cockroach infestation?

You can proactive actions in keeping checks and balance when it comes to dealing with a cockroach infestation. Firstly, look out for cockroach signs including the smell, sightings and complaints around food contamination incidence. Secondly, target at cockroach hotspots where chances of spotting their hideouts are high. Thirdly, arrange for professional home inspection who is trained to detect presence of pests. Finally, monitor on any history of infestations or possible home conditions that attract cockroaches over.

Where are the areas to treat for cockroach problem?

Some of the key risk areas you may find more cockroach activities include:

  • Manhole, grease trap, drains and sewage systems
  • Waste disposal, garbage, refuse center and rubbish chutes
  • Wet condition spaces such as washroom and below sinks
  • Below furniture and appliances including the corners
  • Within cracks, gaps and crevices along the surface and wall
  • Corners and edges of the premises including sides of air-con units
  • Heat-generating items such as ovens, refrigerators and stoves

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