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Can cockroaches fly?

Cockroaches are a pain to deal with (and can be a real danger, too). And it’s not just about getting rid of them, it’s all the other worries and concerns that come with each one you happen to spot around the house.

Topping it all is probably getting down dealing with a flying cockroach! Besides finding out the question of whether can cockroaches fly. In fact, cockroach is amongst many other pests that forms a phobia among home owners.

Common frustrations dealing with cockroach problem

  • Insecticide does the job well, but unfortunately, mopping up the floor and cleaning up the residue left on surfaces is the additional task nobody enjoys doing.
  • After using insecticide and all the mopping and cleaning of surfaces, some feel the need to do more to prevent cockroaches from showing up again. All the extras that’s required to deep-clean the house, even after all the initial fuss, is certainly tiring.
  • It’s true that brands from around the world have come a long way in terms of making insecticide smell a lot more bearable than it used to be, but no matter what, sometimes you just can’t avoid the smell of insecticide lingering around the house.
  • You know how you spot a roach running around the house and can’t catch it in time? The anxiety you get from waiting for it to resurface can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if the cockroach ends up hiding in places around the bedroom or the living room.
  • If you don’t manage to catch the roach, you have to face to fear of it possibly laying eggs in your home - which only means dealing with more of the common household pests. Yikes!
  • One of the worst things is finding cockroaches in your kitchen. Studies have shown that cockroaches carry disease-causing bacteria on various parts of their bodies, including their legs, foot pads, and within their guts, so finding the dreaded insect in a place where you store your foods (and prepare them) is alarming since food safety and hygiene is always key.
  • Cockroaches can sometimes leave stains on your furniture and belongings, whether it’s due to their droppings or having to spray insecticide on them. Either way, it’s no fun handling awful marks on that expensive fabric sofa set you bought recently.

For home owners who dread housekeeing, read more on why procrastinating housekeeping could be a potential culprit in inviting cockroaches to your home.

Can cockroach fly? What is the solution?

What can be nastier than a flying cockroach? But do cockroaches really fly? Or they glide?

Cockroaches flying capability vary according to species and gender. Most common household species are weak flyers; for example German cockroach does not fly. A number of tropical species use their wings to glide from high elevations to lower surfaces.

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