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Top Ten Bed Bug Blog Trending Topics

Many detested bed bugs in Singapore because of the damages and disruption it can cause to a home. There are incidents where bed bug infestation causes extension damage and monetary investment such as costly furniture replacement and even medical treatments for bites and skin infection. In this article, Rentokil shares the top ten blog trending topics on bed bug prevention.

Where do bed bugs lay their eggs in the home?

The fact that bed bugs reproduce and increase their population in the home means there are nesting grounds for them to lay their eggs. As small as an apple seed, where do they exactly reproduce? Some of the common hotspots are among the bed seams and mattresses including the edges and corners that can go unnoticed. Check for the presence of bugs or eggs among those spaces. In addition, do not forget the headboard, box springs, and any possible gaps and slits for bed bugs to hide. Other hiding places include the furniture, carpet, curtains, blinds and even wall accessories and electrical outlets where they are edges, grooves and crevices for bed bugs to slot themselves in. As they are not easy to spot due to their flat body size and nocturnal nature, it is best to engage a professional pest control specialist to identify pest infestation effectively.

Is it possible to have bed bugs invasion even in clean homes?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Unlike some pest infestation that is associated with hygiene and sanitation of the home, bed bugs can occur even in a clean home because it is cross infestation. This means, they can turn up your home anytime by traveling from place to place, from external sources, from your neighbours home or via clinging onto our belongings brought back home. As they are attracted to hosts like you for body warmth and blood meal, they will mingle around you and your belongings and without proper unpacking of your bags or observing good personal hygiene, it is possible you have brought back additional pesky companions to your home.

How efficient bed bugs are in reproducing?

Most of the time, pest infestation turns serious because of the volume of reproduction they are capable of, or the speed of reproducing. Bed bugs can lay a range between one to seven eggs a day and hatch as quickly as up to ten days. Finally, they need just three weeks to develop into adults and it means your home easily can turn into an infestation in less than a month if breeding and eggs are not eliminated. To picture how much exactly bed bug population can amount to, if your home has a mere of 5 bed bugs reproducing 35 eggs daily, it could mean sheltering over 700 bed bugs in a three week span. The key to managing a bed bug problem is not to procrastinate response and seek prompt bed bug treatments to prevent further spread and escalation in the home. Read on further to find out how to prevent bed bugs from further multiplying.

Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs completely?

In any pest management, it is possible to get rid of bed bugs but might not be completely as there are factors causing a pest recurrence. In the case of bed bugs, you can control bed bug presence effectively by adopting diligent housekeeping to remove traces of bed bugs, proactive pest detection and prompt bed bug control. Some possible causes of a re-infestation include the following:

  • Bringing bed bugs accidently through hitch-hiked process on your bags and items
  • Using secondhand or recycled furniture that has a bed bug infestation on them
  • Availability of gaps, holes and crevices that allow bed bugs to enter through
  • Poor packing habits by transferring bed bugs from the bags onto the bed to breed
  • Not detecting presence of bed bugs early and result in reproduction and spread
  • Inadequate or effective bed bug treatments that causes infestation to worsen
  • Using DIY pest home remedies that lack of efficacy and elimination control

What you need to know about bed bug solutions?

Firstly, bed bug solutions can be ineffective. This is because of the choice of active ingredient, application mode and frequency of the treatments. Secondly, poor quality treatments can result in inadequate pest detection. Missing out key areas to treat and limited treatment coverage that allows bed bugs to breed. Thirdly, to ensure bed bugs are eliminated in all life stages, bed bug treatments should be carried out at three times intervals and integrated with steam treatment to eliminate the eggs. Fourthly, most DIY methods such as using essential oil or spices aim at deterring bed bugs but not eliminating their population. Finally, bed bug infestation should not be ignored or dealt with through individual means as it requires special pesticide formation, pest knowledge in identifying hot spots and specialised skills in recognizing signs of bed bug infestation.

Why do you need prompt bed bug treatments?

There are some pests such as ants or spiders that can afford some time delay in the “Wait and See” approach, however bed bugs are not pests that can procrastinate further. In this article, Rentokil Singapore shares what you need to know that prompts the need to seek professional pest control services:

  • Bed bugs can hide anywhere so long as there is a little gap or space to fit in
  • They can lurk on any items including bags, curtains, electrical points where there is proximity to human warmth
  • They require blood meal for survival and hence will cause bed bug bites while you are asleep
  • Leave behind unsightly stains and spots on your nice and expensive upholstery and furniture
  • Bed bug bites can be red, slightly swollen and itchy and in some cases, result in skin infection and allergies
  • Pets may be attacked as well if they need more food source and detect pets’ warmth

Why are pest control solutions for bed bugs ineffective?

There are many causes of ineffective treatments to eradicate bed bugs effectively. Firstly, bed bugs need to be eradicated in consistent and ongoing treatments with combination of spraying and steam treatment. Secondly, there should be no lapses in treatment or shortened frequencies as it will impact the treatment efficacy. Thirdly, there are many options of active ingredients and some might have efficacy issues in eradicating pests effectively. Fourthly, as bed bugs travel and can occur at any time so long as you hitch hike them home, chances of a re-infestation can occur. Finally, as bed bugs are tiny to spot and hide efficiently, thorough inspection and adequate treatment coverage is necessary to ensure sufficient pest eradication.

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Everything you need to know about bed bugs bite

While we are very familiar with mosquito bites especially on how they look and feel, how much do we know about bed bugs? Here are four facts about bed bug bites:

  • Bed bug bites are itchy and we often are not aware of the bites due to the injection of analgesic component from the bed bugs
  • Bites can turn infected due to excess cleaning, inadequate cleaning and wound management
  • They appear in a single line or zigzag manner in clusters as small little raised bumps
  • Some can suffer from allergies or reactions from the bug. In extreme cases, they can cause symptoms including wheezing, tightness in throat or anaphylactic shocks.
  • Tiredness due to lack of sleep or unable to sleep because of the itch and disturbances
  • Emotional and mental stress as the non-resolved infestation creates additional disruption, inconvenience and expenses.

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Does baking soda get rid of bed bugs?

There have been many myths around repelling pests using DIY home remedies or natural ingredient options. Some of the common choices are the use of citronella, lavender, peppermint oil and even the more pungent scents such as vinegar, garlic and cinnamon. There are suggestions and tips around using baking soda to get rid of bed bugs, are they effective? Most of these options serve as deterrent purposes by masking the smell and eliminating the scent signal pests rely on. After a while, as they regain their pheromones and obtain their navigation, they can resume their invasion. Baking soda is said to dehydrate pests by extracting their bed bugs’ fluid and able to cause internal bleeding through the granules that cut through their skin. This might eliminate some bed bugs through localisation. However, it does not resolve the infestation root source and the breeding nests that are hiding somewhere in the home. A pest control company can detect bed bugs accurately. Additionally, they can recommend suitable treatment to resolve the problem while monitoring the condition of the home to prevent a recurrence.

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The Do’s and Don’ts in managing bed bugs

So what do we need to know when dealing with such challenging pests to eradicate? Firstly, build up some awareness about bed bugs. These include what attracts them to a home and how to detect signs of bed bugs. Secondly, do not recycle furniture and discard any infested home items to avoid a spread. Thirdly, engage in pest control to help eradicate the infestation. The professionals can provide additional recommendations and housekeeping tips to keep bugs away. Fourthly, maintenance is key as pests are an ongoing home problem. Always look out for potential bed bug presence, adhere to diligent housekeeping and packing and check for any bugs before bringing your items in. Finally, adopt pest prevention habits such as regular upholstery steaming, vacuuming, and installing mattress protectors and casing. Above all, do not attempt to eliminate the infestation on your own. Seek professional help to minimise further damages and infestation escalation.

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Debugged Blog Top Ten Blog On Bed Bugs Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Get rid of bed bugs with Rentokil Pest Control

You may consider a range of options to address your bed bug problem. We recommend to engage in comprehensive and thorough treatments. This involves three residual spraying treatments and steam treatment to get rid of the eggs. After which, inspection and monitoring takes place to ensure the problem is under control. There are other alternatives such as either just the spraying and/or with a steam treatment for a one-off treatment or a two-treatment package. For some that are not engaging with a pest control company, they may purchase off-the-shelve pesticides or repellent sachets to try eliminate the bed bugs. However, there is a need of precaution that these remedies may lack efficacy in control. It can bring about some health and safety risks dealing with chemicals. This may in turn cost more in rectifying the problem again and again.

Debugged Blog Top Ten Blog On Bed Bugs FAQ

Frequently asked questions on bed bugs control

When do we need to call for a bed bug specialist?

It is important to act immediately if you think your home has a bed bug infestation. Prompt actions should be taken even if it is a slight infestation with a couple of bed bugs. This is because the bugs may be hiding at tight corners that do not allow visual inspection. On the other hand, they can reproduce and develop into an adult in less than a month. There are times where bugs look similar and we are not trained to identify the pest types. In this instance, you can also contact a pest control specialist to perform professional pest identification for you.

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What does bed bug eradication treatment include in a package?

A bed bug control programme will include the following:

  • A site survey of your home and assess risks and safety prior to service
  • Pest identification of the species and key risk areas or breeding sites
  • Understanding of lifestyle of the home such as regular traveling
  • Evaluating the home condition including integrity, sanitation and housekeeping
  • Bed bug control will include detection, residual spraying and steam treatment
  • Package also includes post inspection and monitoring of the premise
  • Frequencies and number of treatments are usually three sprays across one month
  • Service reports and history of the treatment are recorded online
  • Provision of useful recommendations and pest prevention tips for optimal efficacy

How do bed bugs look like?

They are tiny with flat bodies and some would describe them as apple seeds. Bed bugs may be small but can still be spotted and detected by recognising their physical outlook and infestation signs. Bed bug bodies are usually oval in shape, brownish in colour and can be as small as only 4mm. They shed skins that are pale yellow in colour and often found on surfaces of sofa or the bed. As they consume blood meal, they can leave behind dark, brownish or rusty colour spots on mattresses that they either bleed after a crush or after a meal gorge.

Where should I check for bed bug infestation signs?

Bed bugs are tiny and flat and they can fit easily at any parts of your home, especially among items and furniture. Here is a list of hot spots you should check for bed bug infestation signs:

  • Beds and Mattresses: This includes the seams, corners and edges of the mattress, heard board and box springs, both inside and outside of the bed.
  • Curtain drapes and blinds: They can hide neatly among the drapes slit, edges and among curtain gathers, including the faster and curtain accessories.
  • Wall accessories and household items: Bed bugs can also hide among the corners, crevices and edges of painting, socket, electrical power outlet and skirting.
  • Sofa and furniture: As these items are close proximity to humans, bed bugs are attracted to these items due to warmth and blood meals.
  • Luggage and bags: Bed bugs usually cling onto these items as the first point of transportation. Check the inside and outside of the bags, including gaps, crevices and any possible holes and grooves.

Why is my bed bug control service ineffective?

Firstly, it is important to seek a credible pest control specialist who can deliver quality and efficacy in the treatment. Secondly, the pest control regime has to be adhered with stringent management. For instance, no lapses in treatments or reduced the required frequency. Thirdly, if any of the family members are regular travelers or visit high-risk environment. These include lodging or any accommodation or spaces with human traffic and warmth. Fourthly, there could be leftover bugs hiding at some corners that were not eradicated during the treatment process and result in multiplication. Finally, there are cross infestation activities. This can result in bed bugs appearing in your home, usually clinging on to our bodies when we are outside or latching on our items without realising. Above all, bed bug control requires diligent and thorough treatment that is carried out by the expert instead of self-attempts that compromise efficacy.

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How much does a bed bug control programme cost in Singapore?

The price of bed bug control will depend on a few factors:

  • The coverage size of the premise required for treatment
  • Number of rooms and level needed for bed bug treatment
  • Severity and spread of the bed bug infestation
  • Type of active ingredient used for the treatment
  • Combination of more than one type of treatment methods
  • Frequency and number of services required
  • Additional services including awareness training (usually for housekeeping teams)
  • Reporting and pest trend analysis, including monitoring and audit compliance

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