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Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny and flat, challenging to treat, yet create home stress and nightmare for many of us. There are incidents of recurring bed bug infestation that disrupted lifestyle of many residents. In this article, Rentokil Singapore discusses on how to get rid of bed bugs naturally and fast, and more importantly, how to prevent bed bug infestation from happening in your home.

Interesting facts about bed bugs

Interesting facts about bed bugs

Complete guide agenda covers the following:

  • Common causes of bed bug problem
  • What attracts bed bugs
  • Common struggles of dealing with bed bugs
  • Misconception of bed bugs infestation
  • Implications of inadequate bed bugs removal
  • Understanding more about bed bug bites
  • How to get rid of bed bugs naturally
  • Adopt comprehensive bed bugs control treatment
  • How much does bed bug removal cost
  • How to prevent a bed bug infestation

Understanding the common causes of bed bug infestation

Most of us are aware bed bug invasion in a home connects closely to traveling and globalisation. Due to its cross-infestation habits, bed bugs hitch on almost anything. This includes riding on our clothes, bags, carriers, luggage, suitcase or even shoes. These hitchhikers settles from location to location, typically in lodging and accommodation areas, or where areas with human warmth. Planes, cinemas, transportation to name a few.

How common is it to get bed bugs in Singapore? In fact, there has been a rise and trend in seeking bed bug treatment in the recent years.

Here is a summary of common reasons why bed bug starts infesting in your homeinfesting in your home

  • Globalisation such as leisure and business travel
  • Picking up bugs from crowded or human-centric places
  • Potential infestation from second hand furniture or recycled items
  • Poor traveling habits that promotes risks of cross-infestation (i.e. unpacking on the bed)
  • Lack of awareness of causes and symptoms of bed bugs
  • Inadequate home checking and detection of bed bugs presence

Traveling one of the causes of bed bug infestation

Bed bug risks of traveling

What attracts bed bugs?

For many home residents who may lack the awareness of bed bug facts and habits, many would have thought bed bugs are resulted from poor sanitation and hygiene. In fact, bed bugs can happen at any condition, even in a clean home due to key factors that attracts bed bugs, including body heat and warm, and the carbon dioxide around.

Common struggles and challenges in eliminating bed bug

Most complaints are around the inefficacy of bed bugs removal, resulting in a re-infestation or worsening of bed bug spread. Worse of all, the spread starts from 1 room to another, and eventually invade the entire home. Here are some common struggles we faced in managing a bed bug problem

  • They are too tiny to be seen or detected easily
  • Unsure where to identify and spot bed bugs source
  • Signs of bed bugs infestation is not visible or clear, i.e. shed skins and blood stains
  • They surface at night while we are asleep
  • DIY spray only eliminate the visible crawling bugs
  • Treatment does not seem to work. Infestation would surface again

Bed Bugs is as small and flat as apple seed

Misconception of bed bug infestation

Thanks to the vast information and myths discussed on the Internet, bed bug infestation has created its negative and inaccurate conception among homeowners.

  • Vacuuming and steaming the home will do the trick
  • Helps to sun the bedsheets and mattress to eliminate the bugs
  • Keeping the place spic and span will prevent bed bug infestation
  • Replacing the items that are infested will remove all root source
  • One time spray of the place intensively will treat the problem.
  • We are safe from bed bug bites as long as we cover ourselves with blankets

What happens if we do not remove bed bugs properly?

Just like any other pests, a pest infestation that is untreated, will escalate into a serious problem. For instance, it will develop, reproduce and multiple from larvae to adult, increase the spread and level of infestation, and worse of all, resulting in material damage and health implications. For bed bugs, here are some additional implications when left untreated.

  • Blood stains and shed wings found on the beg and curtains, and other furniture
  • Crawling bugs on surfaces and on the wall
  • Bed bug bites that may cause infection and allergy
  • Stress and frustration in the epidemic faced at home
  • Brand reputation and image at stake, particularly service centric businesses
  • Negative complaints and customer reviews on social media
  • Potential occupancy implications, rooms closure and reimbursement costs

Understanding more about bed bug bites

It is possible to get bed bug bites but unfortunately, we will not realise the bites for some reasons. One being, because bed bugs only comes out at night while we are asleep, and we lack the awareness of what exactly these bugs are doing! Secondly, we are unable to feel the bites because they inject an anaesthetic saliva, as they bite and feed on us. It is crucial to understand the dangers caused by these bites by observing the following bed bug bites symptoms and seek early treatment and rectification.

  • A line of red and itchy bumps and swells on your skin
  • Usually along the arms, legs, neck and body
  • Skin irritation, allergy or infection
  • Bumps are typically darker in the centre subsequently

How to get rid of bed bugs naturally

For non-trained home users with no pest knowledge on bed bugs, there are many questions and queries that pop in our mind when comes to getting rid of bed bugs.

Some of the common DIY bed bug treatment practice in homes includes

  • Mixing spices and condiments as a form of repel, including cloves, cayenne pepper, thyme, mint leave and baking soda
  • Essential oils or fragrances such as lemongrass, lavender, tea tree and peppermint leaves
  • Placing silica gels around targeted areas to reduce moist and deter bugs presence
  • Washing clothing and bed sheets at high heat
  • Steam clean mattresses, furniture and upholstery
  • Displaying sachets or Bed Bug Deterrents around to keep bed bugs away
  • Purchase off-the-shelf bed bug sprays and spray on visible bugs for instant elimination
  • Rubbing or spraying alcohol-based solutions to remove bugs
  • Trapping bugs with double-sided tapes
  • Using a hair dryer, steamer or iron and utilising its heat to remove bugs
Pest Myth: Can cinnamon repel bed bugs?

Pest Myth: Can cinnamon repel bed bugs?

Adopt comprehensive bed bugs control treatment

Due to its cross-infestation nature and lifecycle of bed bugs, including its reproduction and quick multiplication of its larvae (usually a few hundred at a time) to adult, there isn’t most effective bed bug treatment guarantee. However, engaging a comprehensive and quality bedbugs control treatment done by a professional pest control specialist can deliver efficacy and assurance.

With the many options and pest control companies in Singapore, it can be challenging to determine which bed bug treatment is best for your consideration in terms of quality and affordability. There are also various price range to consider. Evaluation factors include:

How much does bed bug removal cost?

Bed bug treatment cost varies from a low hundred range to slightly above a thousand dollars. Bed bug removal cost is dependent on a few factors

  • Is this a one time off job or a series of minimum 3 treatments to cover bed bug life cycle
  • Does the treatment includes just a residual spray or integrate with heat treatment
  • What is the type of chemical quality and efficacy used?
  • Is the package a comprehensive treatment cover that comprises inspection and post treatment monitoring?
  • Size of treatment coverage of the premise? Note: Bed bug travels and spreads from room to room

How to prevent a bed bug infestation

While we are unable to completely eradicate bed bug problem or promise a non-re-infestation from happening, there are measures and bed bug prevention checklist we can undertake to minimise the risks or prevent a potential bed bug infestation from arising. Due diligence starts the minute you reach a destination or accommodation, and follow through list of useful tips upon returning your home.

Prevention always starts from detection and observation, changing some lifestyle habits and housekeeping regime, minimise activities that attracts bed bugs and more importantly, do not procrastinate treatment once symptoms of bed bug signs arise. It is easier and less costly to contain a pest problem, as it also means the absence or the need in replacing furniture and items in your home.

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