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Can You Have Bed Bugs Even in Clean Homes?


We tend to associate a dirty and unhygienic environment with a pest-full impression. Yes, it is true some pests are the outcomes of poor sanitation and housekeeping such as cockroaches, ants and rodents. Cockroaches for example, food lures cockroaches, and poor facility maintenance such as clutter, left over waste, wet surfaces are cockroach attractants. However, for some pests such as bed bugs occur due to various reasons that not necessarily means your home is old and filthy. Let’s clarify these misperceptions.

How does a bed bug infestation spread?

Bed bugs are often carried in from people, bags and accommodations – known as a cross-infestation bug, bed bugs cling onto people, suitcases, luggage and get transferred easily without getting noticed. These bugs are so tiny in size (around 5mm or an apple seed size), it is hard to really take notice of their presence on ourselves and belongings. With all the interaction and activities, we engaged, it is no wonder how bed bugs can be spread to anyone and anywhere that easily and quickly.

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Where can bed bugs be found?

A spick and span home may prevent pest attractions such as cockroaches and ants; however, we may miss out the tiniest and narrowest spaces, cracks and crevices which cleaning devices and tools could not reach. Such blind spots are perfect hiding corner for bed bugs to breed and manifest.

Our poor habits and reckless actions maybe the cause trigger of a bug infestation. We are all guilty of delaying laundry or clearing our baggage after a return trip, thus allowing these bugs to start crawling to other spaces in the home. For some, placing baggage in the room or throwing clothing onto the bed is the biggest mistake one could make. The bedroom, especially the bed is the favorite hotspot for bugs to hide and breed. Find out exactly why and where they like to hide in your room.

Ways to prevent a bed bug infestation at home

Here are some quick help and remedy to prevent you falling into victims of bed bug nightmare. Click here to understand more of the pointers below:

  • Retrieve your prevention checklist here (Know your do’s and don’ts)
  • Learn how to identify the symptoms and presence of bed bug
  • Actions to take if your home has been infestation with bugs

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Learning more about bed bugs control in Singapore

It is important to follow the full bed bug treatment regime that typically includes three necessary residual spraying of active ingredient at key risk areas to eliminate the adult bugs. To ensure eradication completeness, steam treatment is required to remove all the eggs that will develop into an adult. The most important part of bed bug control is ensure you engage a credible pest control specialist that performs thorough inspection, key risk area identification, proper premise coverage and treatment efficacy. Finally, as bed bugs are tiny and flat, it is crucial to perform ongoing and consistent monitoring to prevent any possible treatment negligence.

Bed bug control and treatment

A bed bug infestation may be challenging to treat as they multiply quickly. Seek early treatment and contact a pest control expert if you suspect of a bed bug infestation at home.

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