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Sleep tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Have you seen and heard of this familiar bedtime phrase but never really know what it means? Or does it indicate that bed bugs have long been a pest issue for many, especially biting during night time when people are sleeping?

Bed bugs seek blood meals. They are difficult to spot. Also pretty challenging to eradicate and control, because they belong to the class of cross-infestation pests, being brought in from people, places or items unknowingly.

Here are some interesting pest myths concerning bed bugs we get to clear up today!

Bed bugs only bite after dark, during bedtime

Do bed bugs bite only when one is resting or sleeping on a bed? Well, since they are termed as ‘Bed Bugs’ right, it does make perfect sense. But nope! Bed bugs can bite you at multiple locations such as in a cinema theatre, a sofa lounge, a park bench or even on an airplane seat!

Typically bed bugs surface at night for their food supply, however, they can prey in the day too if there is limited food source. So it’s not only bedtime that they come out to seek prey.

Bed bugs only hang out in a dirty house

Generally speaking, a dirty house is no doubt to be a den for pest infestation. But when it comes to bed bugs, it is not really a determining factor. Bed bugs are present anywhere that has a presence of warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide.

Being a cross-infestation pest, bed bugs are carried in from luggage, a flight, clothes or packages, getting rid of bed bugs is not just about being clean, it’s also about being vigilant in checking potential signs of bed bugs infestation and always adhering to do’s and dont’s of bed bugs management.

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You can only find bed bugs on beds

Bed bugs actually rest at various parts of the home. Besides the commonly perceived hot spot such as the mattresses, bed bugs do hide among curtain drapes, rugs or carpets, behind paintings, sofas which are close to presence of their targets.

You can get infected with diseases with a bed bugs bite

Commonly, when people talk about pests, they are somehow associated with diseases. Bed bugs bite can cause rash, skin allergy, and infections which can develop into something more severe. Not forgetting the mental stress and sleep deprivation they can cause too!

How do bed bug bites look like? It usually appears as red spots in a straight line. It can be really itchy and can cause secondary wound infection.

When you wake up with bites, it’s caused by bed bugs

As most humans react, waking up with bites always concluded as a result of bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs often bite on the most exposed parts of your body such as the legs, arms, and back when you are asleep, but it’s not the only insect that does that. There are other insects that can cause those bite marks such as fleas, spiders, and mosquitoes.

It is advisable to seek medical attention before it turns serious.

Do we seek professional help or DIY methods?

D.I.Y. remedies not only serve as short term quick fix, but on a longer term, it actually escalates to something more serious, particularly for bed bugs, their reproduction volume and speed is high, which means the infestation spread can be large and quick.

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