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How Do You Know Your Bites Are From Bed Bugs?

“I am bitten by mosquitoes” is probably one of the most common remark we would hear when comes to pest bites. Bitten by ticks and fleas are also increasingly common particularly with the rising ownership of pets at home. Of late, more and more home owners are pest-savvy enough to understand one of the health risks resulting from bed bugs is the seeking of blood meal by biting into our arms and legs during night rest, and are also more concern if these bites meant a bed bug spread in their homes.

Is your home inviting the unwanted bed bugs

Are you or any of your family members a frequent traveler?

If your answer is yes, bed bugs are known as hitch-hikers and clings freely to your luggage and suitcases and typically found in hotel bed rooms because of the body warmth and carbon dioxide it seeks. Poor guestroom habits such as unpacking your bags on the bed could risk transporting the bugs from the bed to your luggage and back home. Here is a travel checklist to prevent bringing bugs back.

Have you brought in second hand furniture for your home?

Bed bugs spread by cross-infestation in nature. This means that they spread from location to location with any cross-interaction activity, including home items and furniture. Particularly furniture and fabric upholstery which bed bugs can stick on and hide well without you noticing. Tips: If you really like that recycled or vintage furniture, do conduct a thorough check to ensure no bugs are hiding around to breed.

Did your neighbours or room tenants have recent bed bug attack?

Bed bugs travel and spread quickly from place to place and their reproduction is as much as 250 eggs and hatch within 6 to 10 days. Chances are these bugs could move easily to neighbouring rooms and home units if proper bed bug control is not in place. Tips: Check your premise for bed bug symptoms and ensure your home is not invaded. In any doubt, do seek professional pest control specialist to help you detect accurately.

Do you notice sweet musty smell in your room?

If you have answered yes to this, chances are your home might be in quite heavy bed bugs infestation. Bed bugs release an odour, which is actually a pheromone they release. Usually, it smells less obvious for early cases, where you only find a handful of bed bugs. However, if a bunch of bed bugs are infesting in your home, is likely your home might be invaded. Similar smells people described with bed bug odour presence includes herb-like coriander smell.

Are the bites on your body a single-line format?

Take a close look at the bites. They are usually small and flat, with little raised bumps appearing on the skin. Some redness, swelling and itching may occur. This is because they appear uniquely in a line or a row, unlike other pest types that scatter around the skin at random. Read here for more details on bed bug bites.

The common top 3 complaints and worries about bed bug problems

  • Bites give you itch and allergies that can turn bad if left untreated
  • Bed bugs spread quickly and gets out of control within weeks
  • It damages and spoil your expensive and beautiful bed mattress, sofa and curtains

In conclusion, bed bugs are tiny and flat, and usually appear while we are resting at night. It is a lot more challenging to find these bugs in our home. Therefore, it is helpful to seek proactive inspection habits before it turns into a night mare. Call (65) 6347 8138 for a bed bug treatment quote now.

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