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Rentokil pest control in first innovation conference

Rentokil Singapore partners the first innovation conference with Jones Lang Laselle (JLL) Singapore on 4 November 2016 in the Innovations Facilities Management Conference.

Expressing interests in pest control innovations and washroom hygiene solutions, the facilities team is fairly concerned about flying insect challenges as well. JLL has given valuable insights into facilities operations.

Rentokil Pest Control Singapore shares our expertise in rodent, mosquito and flies control especially in area of new innovations for small flies solution.

The Integrated Mosquito Protection Treatment (IMPT) whereby water-based fogging, larvicide treatment along with indoor & outdoor mosquito traps are introduced.

Rats in Singapore are becoming smarter and challenging to control. Especially for the food and beverage industry, a rodent infestation is the last thing they would want to find themselves in the news with.

The RodCam is innovated to capture video and photo shots of rodents in complete darkness. This is to identify pest trails and entry points.

The Roof Pole Camera is used to view risky heights, roof voids, or unable to access areas such as suspended celling and aluminum frames. The ability to stream videos to mobile phone enhances the ease, speed and convenience to report and recommend solutions efficiently.

Moving on to Initial Hygiene washroom solutions, many share that washroom odour is tough to manage and complains arise from tenants and customers.

Bacteria build-up can be prevented through sanitation and careful waste disposal.

Initial Hygiene sanitisers minimise the “sneeze effect” whenever a person flushes after use. It is installed into the urinal cistern or toilet bowl flush pipe and releases a controlled dose of sanitising fluid into the flush water.

This helps to reduce odour, prevents waste pipe encrustations, protects user from contamination and creates a hygienic image.

Our efforts to cultivate environmentally friendly habits have led to Initial Hygiene’s range of Bio Sanitisers being awarded the Green Label accolade by Singapore Environment Council.