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Protecting Guest Experience and Your Hotel Reputation

It is important to manage pest risks in hotels such as bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, and flies to protect the wellbeing of your guests during their stay. Also, ensuring the health and safety of your valued employees from the possible spread of infection and diseases from pests which will not only disrupt operations and productivity, but affect service delivery as well. When a pest infestation does happen, it can be difficult to eradicate. Due to pests can cause extensive damage and rapidly ruin a hard earned reputation.

Guests have the freedom to share their bad visitation experiences due to pests on an Internet community any time. Therefore, hotels and any lodging premises have to be even more vigilant due to increasing travel trends and guests from around the world could be bringing hitchhiking pests like bed bugs with them.

Using Integrated Pest Management principles, Rentokil partners with hoteliers to ensure outstanding guest experiences will not be compromised by pest activity or problems.

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Why Rentokil?

  • Audit Support - We have in-depth understanding with Malaysia's legislative including internal and external audit requirements for the food related industry.

  • Online Reporting - Our online reporting application, myRentokil, allows better traceability and easy access to all key information of the pest management situation in your premises​.

  • Dedicated Account Owner - Supports multi-site customers to achieve consistent approach across all facilities with one point of contact.

  • Nationwide Support - With 10 branches throughout Malaysia, we ensure that all your pest control needs are in good hands giving you a complete peace of mind

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