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Bed Bug Treatment

Getting rid of bed bugs can be mentally and financially exhausting. If you are facing bed bug infestation issues, we can help you get back your good night’s sleep. It is even more crucial if you are running a hotel business, they can disrupt your guests' peace and tarnish your business’ reputation.

Our Bed Bug Management Programme is meticulously crafted to address these challenges and deliver results that surpass expectations. The strength behind our Bed Bug Management Programme lies in our understanding of the bed bug's life cycle, which exterminates bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle.

Our treatment programmes are flexible to cater for your needs and level of infestation from our Bed Bug Management Programme to non-toxic options such as hot steam treatment which targets all stages of the bed bug lifecycle. You can rest assured that your problems will be appropriately attended to without burning a hole in your wallet.

Non-Toxic Treatment

Discover our non-toxic hot steam treatment – a non-chemical alternative to effectively control bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle. Our comprehensive treatment plan is carried out within two visits. Day one involves a thorough site inspection, followed by the application of hot steam to treat all affected areas, including mattresses, bed frames, and skirting boards. On day two, a joint inspection is conducted with the option for spot re-treatment if any more bed bugs are found, providing you with peace of mind before releasing the room post-visit. 

Our non-toxic treatment is an ideal choice for individuals sensitive to chemicals, as well as the young and elderly who may be more vulnerable to the presence of chemicals. Our safe and proven solution ensures targeted bed-bug control whilst catering to the well-being of all occupants at your property.

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Rentokil Bed Bug Management Programme

Bed Bug Management programme is a 7-day treatment plan that targets bed bugs at specific stages of their lives to control the infestation and reduce the risk of re-infestation. There will be a total of three separate treatments throughout the programme, at specific intervals.

As bed bug eggs take only 5 days to hatch under favourable conditions, our staggered multiple treatment is the most efficient and holistic approach to eliminating bed bugs.

bed bug management program

Day 1

Initial inspection and first treatment

  • We conduct an initial inspection to prepare for the first treatment. Rooms that are adjacent to the infested room will also be checked to identify all infestation spots in the premises.
  • Treatment is carried out to kill any adult bed bugs and nymphs at the infested spots and those hiding in beds, cupboards and other small crevices.

Day 3

Follow-up inspection and second treatment

  • Second inspection is conducted for signs of live bed bugs.
  • A spot treatment will be scheduled for areas with live bed bugs to kill any nymphs that may have hatched from the bed bug eggs after the initial treatment.

Day 7

Final inspection and third treatment

  • Final spot treatment to target any surviving nymphs that may have hatched.
  • Rooms will be released and clean-up can take place


Bed Bug's Life Cycle

Check out the lifecycle of the bed bugs and understand why our programme will require 7 days in order to effectively treat your bed bugs problems.


Don't Wait Til It's Too Late

If you spot any signs of bed bugs on your premises, it’s best to contact a professional pest expert before it gets worse. Preemptive treatment can help you save time and money in the long run.

Once all treatment options and plans are agreed upon, which include pre-treatment preparations such as dismantling furniture and quarantining of rooms, our trained Rentokil Service Expert will proceed to commence treatment.

Call Rentokil today at 1300 881 911 or fill in the form above to schedule a comprehensive site inspection.

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