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DIY vs Professional Bed Bugs Solution

When dealing with a bed bug infestation, we would highly recommend getting professional help even though there is the option of DIY. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of DIY solution vs engaging a professional.

DIY Preventive Measure

There are several steps to minimise the risk of your home or business being infected by bed bugs. These precautionary steps can be taken without the help of professionals:

  1. Do a thorough inspection when checked into a hotel room because most bed bugs hitchhike their way to your home from anywhere outside, whether it's lodgings or eateries.
  2. Do regular housekeeping/changing of bed sheet

Although these steps may help to prevent against infestations, they do not guarantee to prevent bed bugs completely. Even if you frequently enlist a professional to do inspections, do not take your protection for granted and practise these steps for better protection.

However, if you are already facing an infestation, DIY solutions are truthfully far from ideal or even effective. Read our blog post here about home remedies for bed bugs as well.

Managing Bed Bug Infestation

The DIY option, although not recommended, requires you to take a proactive approach to managing an infestation. It will take up a lot of time and will need careful monitoring to ensure its success as bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. It may also take more than one round of application to completely get rid of bed bugs.

You will need a basic awareness of common bed bug hotspots to make your spot treatments more effective. You will also need to understand how and where they can spread to control the level of infestation.

Off-the-shelf DIY solutions may look more affordable at first glance, but incorrect application may cause the infestation to worsen, and cost you even more time and money to exterminate later on.

The professional option only requires you to find your local, expert pest controller to solve the problem for you. Trained service technicians have the experience and knowledge to better handle bed bugs and ensure that safe and effective treatment is applied based on your situation.

This not only saves you precious time and effort, it also gives you priceless peace of mind knowing that it is less likely for bed bugs to return to your home or workplace.

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