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Does DIY Rat Control is Cost Efficient?

Rat control can be a difficult and challenging task to manage, especially if the applicator is not professionally trained or technically-inclined to pest and solutions! Besides being known as filthy pest, rats are considered intelligent rodents and that is why they can survive and go “Scott free” by avoiding strategically placed baits and traps!

Most of us have tried getting rid of rats independently be it at work environment or at home with DIY rat traps. With vast information and researches made available on the Internet, people would rely on these tips and recommendations to resolve the problem independently. However, the lack of understanding of rat’s nature and its environment implications, would also mean, some key actions required to control rats are missing. Hence, users tend to realize, they have placed quite large volume of baits according to instructions they have learnt from the Internet, however, effectiveness is still compromised. Worst of all, placing rat traps with poisonous baits within at the wrong location, could also place your family or pets at danger risks, by ingesting them accidently.

It is important to understand how rat infestation comes about, where their usual hiding spots are, and why they are challenging to control.

Here is some easy explanation of rat intelligence that illustrates without the right control measures; it will become a worrying-hassle.

  • Rats are neophobic or very suspicious of new objects in their environment, especially when it comes into their habitual paths. They will investigate it cautiously and it is very common if they often avoid traps and baits for several days before they are attracted to it. Moreover, if they see other rats trapped, they might avoid the same trap!
  • Rats are nocturnal animal that have poor eyesight, but have excellent sense of smell and taste. Rats are strongly attracted to the food with a strong or naturally organic smell, such as cereal grains, nuts, berry or fish. Remember, an effective control requires both digital trap and bait that complements each other.
  • Rats are not easy to be fooled.  They will stop eating the bait if the same bait is used for a certain period of time. Thus, it is important to perform bait rotation and avoid using the same bait over and over again. This increases rats’ resistant to the baits they are exposed with.

DIY methods prove to be lower cost, however you might realize that it is not an effective and safe long term solution, in fact the multiple attempts and trials, could also mean increasing your costs. Professional specialists are able to help you identify first sign of rats and depending on the infestation level and condition of the environment; tailored and targeted rat control will be recommended to deal with the problem responsively. 

At Rentokil Indonesia, we adopt an integrated rodent control solution by complementing appropriate baits with a range of rat traps. Our bait stations have been developed and designed to cater for different situations, for example outdoor purposes, internal environment at low hiding spaces and false ceiling boards or roofs. Strategic placements (base on high risk areas) at various space intervals are also taken into consideration when designing the recommendation. As the experts in pest control, the relevant baits are suggested base on the nature of the business and premise, and past pest trending records for effective control.

Get in touch with Rentokil Indonesia now on 150808 or [email protected] to resolve your rat problem. Our certified technicians are professionally trained to ensure the control measures are delivered with optimal safety standards.

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