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Dos & Don’ts of DIY Cockroach Prevention

Why are we so nauseated by roaches? It is reasonable due to the fact that most people depicted cockroach as an unsightly and disgusting pest because of their filthy habits and bad smell.

roach infestation could be a problem for every homeowner. Once they make themselves comfortable in your home, it is very likely to raise the bar in controlling the problem. This is because cockroach tend to hide in hard to reach or cited harborages. Besides that, female cockroach also breeds and reproduces rapidly, which can increase the population of the cockroaches quickly.

Most homeowners will first consider performing DIY cockroach control methods at home. Below are some recommended home remedies for cockroach prevention


  • Take care of your trash – Cockroach is associated with garbage disposal. Make sure you clear your trash regularly to avoid providing a food fest for roaches
  • Move your garbage externally, instead of locating right beside your home and ensure it is tightly closed – This is one way to stop cockroach access and transiting from the outside garbage to your home
  • Pay attention to the space between your kitchen cabinets, stove and refrigerator – Periodically clean these following places, as these spots are able to trap food scraps, food crumbs and splatters of grease
  • If you have pets at home, keep your pet food bowl clean at all times – Not only harmful for human’s health, cockroach infestation is also dangerous for your pet like cat or dog. Wash pet bowls daily to avoid the leftover grease inside the bowl. Also clean up pet food droppings on the floor and keep their food in sealed container or plastic bag.


  • Leave any dirty dishes overnight  Any leftovers food on your kitchen sink or kitchen counter will develop a stench, which may be a magnet to draw cockroach attention to crawling around the sink
  • Leave food out in the open laying around, especially at night to prevent food contamination – Since any food can be very attractive to cockroach, you have to remember to keep all food in tightly sealed containers
  • Habit in pilling and stack card boxes and old newspaper in one corner of your house  This unclean habit can unknowingly make a great hiding places for cockroach

Not sure when it is the right time to engage professional help to manage your cockroach problem? It is always good to seek advice and recommendations from our team of experts whom will do a site survey and home inspection to identify potential risks and infestation symptoms. Base on the severity and infestation level, our specialist would then recommend an ideal cockroach solution for your home. Practical steps and housekeeping tips are also available to guide home owners on how to prevent roaches in your property.

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