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Kills Coronavirus in the air*

The quality of your indoor air can often be overlooked, but it is an important element of providing a hygienic and safe environment for your employees, customers and those within your duty of care. Our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers kill Coronavirus in the air*. A unique combination of medical grade filters and pre-filters with a UV reactor chamber kills 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus and Influenza, on a single air pass*. 

*When independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a surrogate for Coronavirus), Adenovirus, Influenza and Polio, the unit was found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass

Why do I Need an Air Purifier?

Germs and harmful pathogens, like those transmitted by someone infected with Coronavirus, can be spread in 3 ways: person to person, surface to person and air to person. It is essential that solutions are in place to help tackle each of these three modes of transmission.

An effective air purification solution can reduce cross contamination in the air and help prevent air to person transmission. The government’s guidelines in light of the Coronavirus pandemic have demonstrated the importance of improving indoor air quality, particularly in public areas and busy indoor environments such as manufacturing sites, factories and offices. Implementing hygiene protocols to tackle each of the 3 modes of transmission, including an effective air purification solution, will help to keep everyone at your premises safe and allow you to continue to operate safely, as and when you are able to.

Our VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifiers

Our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers are a tested and certified solution that kills Coronavirus in the air* and removes contaminated air away from the breathing zone. All of our air purifiers contain a medical grade pre-filter to filter dirty air, a carbon filter to neutralise toxic air and a HEPA filter to sterilise sick air. After passing through the filters, the air drawn in by the unit is pulled through a UV-C chamber, where short-wave ultraviolet light  (UV-C light) inactivates airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mould, bacteria and viruses, so that they can no longer spread. Our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers kill 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria*, including Coronavirus and Influenza, on a single air pass to effectively prevent cross contamination in your indoor air.

We have a VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier to suit every environment. Our units can be placed in offices, retail spaces, commercial environments and private premises to deliver purified clean air to your employees, customers and those within your duty of care, and to reduce air to person transmission of harmful germs, pathogens and viruses.

*When independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a surrogate for Coronavirus), Adenovirus, Influenza and Polio, the unit was found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass


  • An air purifier for individual use that can be placed on a deskreception countershop counter or in a private office.
  • Hextio is a lightweight, portable and compact air purifier that provides single direction airflow.
  • Position the unit in the direction of the users breathing zone to ensure that they breathe the purified air.

VK 401

  • The VK 401 can be wall-mounted and is most effective in small and medium-sized commercial spaces (up to 60m2).  
  • Ideal for offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, retail units, classrooms and public restrooms.
  • It offers multiple direction airflow and pulls in contaminated air at the button of the unit, then releases the sterilised air from the sides into the breathing zone.

VK 103

  • A free-standing unit, the VK 103 is ideal for open plan and large spaces (up to 100m2) with high footfall traffic.
  • The perfect solution for large communal areas like waiting and reception roomsgyms, open-plan offices, retail stores and care homes.
  • The VK 103 offers multiple direction airflow and draws in contaminated air from below, then expels the filtered, neutralised and decontaminated air from the top of the unit into the breathing zone.

VK 102

  • Our most powerful VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier is ideal for large, critical areas like hospitals.
  • This unit will also be effective in larger premises (up to 165m2) such as factoriesmanufacturing sitesopen-plan offices, supermarketsindoor shopping centres and food courts.
  • The free standing unit draws in contaminated air from below, then filters, neutralises and decontaminates the air before it is expelled from all four sides at the top unit, into the breathing zone.

Prevent Air To Person Transmission in all Sectors

Indoor shopping centres, retails stores and high street outlets are high-risk zones for cross-contamination of airborne viruses due to the high footfall. Bring confidence to your customers and employees that your retail environment is safe. When used alongside effective hygiene protocols, our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers will help protect your customers and employees, allowing your store to continue to operate safely when it is able to.

Manufacturing facilities, industrial environments and factories are busy working environments. Reduce absenteeism and minimise the risks of closures due to sickness using our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers. Prevent air to person transmission of harmful germs and complement the existing hygiene protocols that you have in place to maintain a safe working environment for your employees.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene understands both the importance of maintaining a regular working office environment and ensuring there are no health and safety risks. All of our services are designed to help you protect your employees and visitors. Use our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers alongside our specialist cleaning and disinfection services to provide a safe environment that your employees feel confident working in.

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Bespoke Hygiene Hotspot Survey

Our expert consultants will advise you on the appropraite VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier for your environment and advise on the best placement. Our report will recommend solutions to help prevent cross contamination from person to person and surface to person transmission of harmful germs, as well as air to person transmission, as it is essential that all these areas are addressed in order to be as effective as possible. Our report will support you to operate in accordance with the government’s ‘COVID-secure’ guidelines, which are a legal requirement.

VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifiers can be Used in all Environments

We have a VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier to provide clean, purified air to all sectors, including:


Care and Nursing Homes

Hotels and Hospitality

Gyms and Leisure

Laboratories and Research

Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals

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