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How to Prevent Ants infestation

How to Prevent Ants

If you're concerned about a possible ant infestation, there are some proactive prevention steps you can take. Here are some ways you can help keep your ant infestation under control.

Think you have ant issue?

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Keep your business free from ant infestation - in a professional way

Professional ant control services help you quickly solve the problem of ant infestation. Rentokil Initial's pest control experts will provide you with long-term effective protection based on professional integrated pest control methods:


It is extremely important to work hand in hand with customers and discuss pest control solutions with customers.


Communicate with customers and have relevant materials to provide staff training. Let customers know how to better prevent pests, clean up food residues, point out potential holes for ants to enter, and provide plugging suggestions.


Proper removal of rubbish and good hygiene condition will reduce pest infestation.

Tailor-made solutions

Use the ant pest control solution that suits you according to the specific conditions of your site survey.

Ant pest control is critical to your business efficiency. Find an expert to know more.
Ant pest control is critical to your business efficiency. Find an expert to know more.

How can I prevent ant in the first place?

If you are worried that you might be at risk from an ant infestation, you can put in place some proactive ant deterrent measures. The list below will help you minimise the risk of ant infestation in your home or business premises.

There are many kinds of ant in Hong Kong. To know more of ant species, you will be able to prevent ant according to their habit. Most ants come into your kitchen to look for food. They are attracted to anything that is sweet and sticky, which is why you will normally find ants in kitchen cupboards or areas where food is kept. To keep ants away, you must remember to:

  • Clear up - food and liquid spillages immediately.

  • Sweep up - any food crumbs from under your kitchen appliances and units.

  • Store your food - in airtight containers wherever possible.

  • If you have a pet - clear away any food that isn’t eaten straight away.

  • Block off - the entry points for ants by sealing all cracks and crevices around your doors and window frames.

  • In the garden - keep your compost enclosed and make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids.

  • Cover all food - you don’t know where ants have been walking before they march across your food.

Even if they already appear in your house, we provide you the tips to get rid of ants before they grow into a big problem.

Don’t let ants take over your kitchen! Call Rentokil Hong Kong today on +85229546888 for your home or business as required depending on situation for on site inspection or contact us online to learn more about our ant pest control solutions.

Why choose Rentokil?

The world's leading pest control expert

Rentokil Initial was established in London in 1925. It is a reliable global pest control service expert with more than 90 years of experience in pest control. Rentokil Initial Hong Kong has provided professional pest control services to local commercial and household customers since 1964.

Experienced and professionally trained technical specialists 

We have more than 50 years of experience in pest control and have undergone strict professional training to comply with standardized service plans and procedures. 

Operational Excellence 

We have more than 90 pest control technical specialists, providing a wide-range service network, and are committed to providing customers with efficient pest solutions in a timely manner. 

Pest expertise

our biological pest technologists regularly undergo a continuing professional training program to gain the latest pest knowledge.

Understand your industry challenges and needs 

We understand the needs of various types of customers, tailor-made overall environment and pest solutions, reduce operational risks, and ensure effectiveness and safety of our client.

Health and safety service commitment

We strictly abide by the corresponding standards and regulations of Rentokil Initial and local laws, follow the standard service processes, and conduct site risk assessment. 

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assessment for customer sites and ensure that the pesticides used are approved by the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, and are committed to providing high-quality and safe services.

Additional value-added services*

We regularly provide professional training on pest management recommendations, and pest report records, including pest trend risk analysis, etc., to enhance the pest awareness of employees in various departments for customers

*The service content will be based on the final contract plan signed by the customer

Ant Control Service

Over 50 years of experience protecting Hong Kong families and businesses

  • Safe, effective, environmentally-friendly pest control
  • A broad range of ant management options to suit your home and business needs
  • With local, accredited pest controllers, we provide a rapid-response service across Hong Kong
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