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Wildlife Control

When a wild animal gets into your business, it can be a very stressful experience. These pests can quickly create a big mess and potentially carry a host of diseases. Rentokil provides humane nuisance wildlife control services across the United States. Understanding our customers’ need for responsive services, Rentokil’s licensed Specialists react swiftly to problems caused by nuisance wildlife.

Wild animals can enter a commercial building by crawling their way through damaged vents, fascia boards or screens. Wildlife may also enter a property entirely by accident through an open door or window.

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How Rentokil provides wildlife control services

Rentokil's wildlife treatment service begins with a specialist inspecting your building. Your specialist will identify the wildlife animal that is infesting your property, assess the extent of the infestation and make a tailored treatment recommendation.

Depending on the size and type of wildlife, your Rentokil specialist will use specialized trapping and baiting methods. Once the animals have been safely removed from the inside of the property, your specialist will identify and seal up animal entry points to prevent future infestations.

Rentokil specialists closely follow local and national wildlife trapping and removal regulations. There may be some wildlife animals that cannot be removed by a pest control company in your state. If your local Rentokil office cannot provide services for a certain animal, they will direct you to the proper organizations you can contact for assistance.

Wildlife animals that infest commercial properties

There is a wide variety of animals that commonly infest man-made structures, including:

Gophers - These medium-sized rodents are known for their underground burrowing systems and their ability to fill their cheeks with food and nest materials. They can be found all across the country and can cause severe damage to properties through their extensive tunnel digging and uprooting of landscaping vegetation.

Opossums - As the only marsupials found in North America, opossums can be found in many parts of the United States. When left alone, these nocturnal creatures are harmless, however, when they invade a property and make their nests indoors, they can become a major issue for businesses. 

Chipmunks - These small,  primarily ground-dwelling creatures are found in most U.S. states in environments ranging from forests to suburban areas to desert regions. Although usually harmless, they can cause unwanted damage to flowers and vegetation on commercial properties. 

Flying squirrels and tree squirrels - Both tree squirrels and flying squirrels are known to infest commercial properties. Flying squirrels are known to be excessively noisy and enter buildings through damaged vents. Tree squirrels can cause a considerable amount of property damage, entering businesses frequently via holes on the exterior of a building.

Skunks - In most instances, skunks enter properties accidentally through open windows or doors. In rare instances, skunks will raise their young inside a building.

Raccoons - Often building their nests in chimneys, raccoons are known to gain access to commercial properties through roofs. Known to chew through anything, a raccoon can cause plenty of damage and mess once inside a man-made structure.

Moles - Capable of causing extensive landscaping damage, moles can be extremely problematic for business owners. Moles will establish a large network of tunnels in a yard or field that weakens the ground above. 

Deer - Deer are known to feed on grass, flowers and other plants, making the foliage outside your property ideal for foraging. If left unchecked, deer can cause serious damage to your building’s exterior landscaping.

Groundhogs  - They may seem harmless but the damage they can cause to your property is far from it. These burrowing creatures can not only eat your plants, but they can also dig holes all over your lawn.

Shrews - Shrews are small mammals the size of mice. Although their diet is mainly nuts, insects and worms, these creatures can still cause damage to the exterior of your property through the holes they burrow in their hunt for food. 

Voles - These mice-resembling pests are similar to moles but can cause a lot more damage to trees, lawns and gardens via their gnawing and burrowing. Voles mainly eat the stems and blades of grass, however, their runways can leave your landscaped lawn an unsightly mess.

Wildlife prevention

Here are some tips to help deter unwelcome wildlife:

  • Keep garbage bins sealed and secured so animals cannot access the contents.
  • Keep the exterior of your businesses free of natural debris as this may provide bedding for wildlife tempted to nest in nearby overgrown areas.
  • Install a fence to deter some wildlife from entering your property.
  • Keep lawns and vegetation in good condition. Regularly mowing, raking, draining and aerating them will reduce the chances of insects like mosquitoes and flies laying eggs. These eggs, in turn, attract foraging wildlife. 
  • Remove moss and overhanging vegetation. These provide damp areas that make perfect breeding conditions for insect larvae.
  • To prevent other wildlife from getting into your business, plug all gaps around the perimeter of the building.  

Rentokil’s experts can address all of your wildlife concerns. If you have an issue with a specific wildlife species on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today online.

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