Dual Autogate Connect

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Dual Autogate Connect

Rentokil’s Dual Autogate Connect is a first-of-its-kind, patented rodent bait station designed to enhance your exterior rodent protection program.

Utilizing a smart gate mechanism, Dual Autogate Connect's sensors distinguish between species, only opening when rodent activity is detected. When the sensor is triggered three times, the motorized door opens to allow only target rodent species into the station, preventing non-target pests, animals, and unauthorized personnel from accessing the baits.

  • Effective multi-rodent detection, monitoring, and treatment solution
  • Allows rapid protection and control for exterior rodent activity
  • Restricts bait access to target rodent species
  • Reduces pesticide impact on the environment
  • Provides time and date stamp on rodent activity
  • Designed for use in highly-regulated environments

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