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Is It Possible to Encounter a Snake in Singapore?

Yes! It is possible to have occasional snake encounters in Singapore even with the rising urbanisation and modernisation.  While snakes are most commonly known to live in habitats such as forested and wildlife nature environment, because of their nature and need for moist and cool living conditions, there are some potential key risk areas to remain vigilant.

For example, garden and lawn or parks, well-irrigated mulched spaces, shrubs, vegetation sites, grass and pond area, grass cutting heaps or even mangrove and swamps could be snakes’ hot spots. As they dislike heat and warmth, they may seek shady hideouts, for example beneath piles of wood, debris, furniture or vehicle.

A fearing pest among public, it was reported an estimates of 850 snake incidences reported to AVA, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore in 2013.

Snakes’ food sources are some common pests we found daily, such as amphibians including frogs, rodents, lizards and insects. Here are 5 simple ways to lower your chance encounter with a snake!

#1 Places with a snake’s favourite food sources naturally invite it to come. If your place has a pest infestation such as rats, snakes are inevitably attracted. Home owners should adopt diligent housekeeping to prevent pest harbourage. Engage a professional pest control company in Singapore if the infestation is unmanageable.

Particularly for rodents, where their reproduction pace and volume can be substantial, it is critical to control the rodent population early.   

#2 Up-keep your facility maintenance, keep your yard or garden clutter-free, to prevent potential hiding opportunity for snakes. For example, remove any unwanted piles of leaves, cut-grass and debris, and hire regular landscaping by pruning any tall-growing plants, shrubs or greeneries. Keep water-supply such as large water puddle for snakes to a minimal. If there is a pond, ensure its position or located away from sensitive areas such as home or working unit.

#3 Ensure defence and proofing/protection are in place, by checking your infrastructure for any potential gaps, holes or possible entries for snakes to access. Repair and close these entries, particularly around the perimeter, entrances, wall structure, basement and roof top. Fencing or barrier can be considered for additional protection.

#4 Keep a lookout for potential snake signs such as shed skins and winding trials. Always seek professional help to identify and clarify these signs at your home or premise.

#5 Gain more awareness and understanding of snakes and how to react should you come into an encounter. Read 5 Useful Tips If You Encounter a Snake to protect yourself and your family.


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