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Bed bugs are notoriously clingy to us, on our body, bags, luggage or any items and they hop from place to place so long there is body warmth and blood meal. They hide incredibly well, with their slim and flat body nature and bed bugs elimination can be challenging. What is worse worse if their rein-infestation and spread of bed bug activities, damaging home furniture (including sofa and bed) and upholstery, not forgetting curtain drapes and carpets. Read on the FAQ to understand bed bugs management better in order to get rid of them effectively.

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are approximately 5-6 mm in length before a blood meal, extending about 7mm when fully engorged with blood, are oval and flattened from back to underside with well-developed legs and wings absent. They are also red to brown in colour.

What are the common signs of bed bugs?

Common signs of bed bugs being present are finding small blood spots on bed sheets, faecal pellets, and distinctive smell and of course live insects.

Is there any potential harm of having bed bugs?

The harm of bed bugs is customers can be bitten. Bed bugs move around easily and if not treated in a professional way quickly, can quickly reach an epidemic level. Specialist solutions only available to professional pest control companies offer the most reliable way to get rid of bed bugs.

What do bed bugs feed on?

Bed bugs feed on human blood.

What steps can I take against bed bugs?

It is not recommended for you to try removing bed bugs on your own and should seek professional help.

Call for professional bed bug specialist for your home

Bed bugs are pests that need to be eliminated professionally. This is because pest control specialist possess the necessary expertise and skills to identify key risk areas, perform a pest identification of the pests and utilises carefully formulated and diluted active ingredient across a span of three treatments. In addition, to ensure thorough elimination and treatment coverage, steam treatment is introduced to get rid of the eggs as well. Find out more about Rentokil’s Bed Bug Enhanced Programme today.

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