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When Do You Engage Termite Control Service?

Many things can go wrong when homeowners attempt in pest control themselves. However, the worst by far is waiting until the problem has worsened and the cost in money, time, and effort to try to DIY their way has exceeded what would have been the cost of engaging professional treatments. This is particularly true when you are dealing with termites.

Debugged Blog When Do You Engage Termite Control Dangers of Delaying Termite Treatment

The Dangers of Delaying Termite Control in Singapore

It is not easy to identify the signs of a termite infestation. While it is the case, due diligence in inspection and monitoring is essential. This helps to detect the presence of termites and prevent further damage. When left unchecked, the long-term results can be very costly. Firstly, termites will slowly eat your wood from the inside out and gradually compromise the structure of your home. Secondly, they can spread upwards and sideways affecting more parts of your home or to the neighours. Thirdly, the damages can cost hefty in either replacements or renovation of the entire home. Finally, there is a possibility of incurring costly termite treatment and rectification to resolve the termite issue.

Besides the financial implications and home disruption that termite damages caused, the other intangible effect is the health and safety of the family. When structures weakened, it is unstable and over time, they may loosen its grip and in severe cases, they may collapse thus hitting on a family member by accident. In addition, their saliva and droppings can cause allergy and impact respiratory and immune symptoms among sensitive individuals.


Can You DIY Termite Treatment?

While that is the case, you should know that postponing termite control is just as risky as trying to use self-help measures to try and get termites under control. Some of the common home remedies to get rid of termites include exposing the home and furnishings under the sun. Others include using insecticide spray to apply directly on the mud tubes or flying termites (swarmers), and as well as using natural ingredients including orange oil or vinegar. Unfortunately, these DIY methods seldom work, and in some cases, it worsens the infestation.

  • It puts you at risk of exposure to chemicals when you attempt to use insecticides on your own.
  • Termites work beneath the surface thus it is nearly impossible to reach out to them directly
  • Termites are some of the most difficult pests to control unless you are licensed and professionally trained in termite treatment
  • There is a risk of identifying the pest wrongly by yourself thus treating the problem incorrectly
  • Active ingredient to eradicate termites may be missing or delivered at the wrong dosage

Although professional termite control in Singapore may seem like an added cost, the investment may be worth it to solve a serious problem. So exactly when should you call for the professionals?

Debugged Blog When Do You Engage Termite Control When To Hire Pest Control

When to Hire a Pest Control Specialist

Early Prevention is better than cure

As with anything, prevention is key to protect your home against an infestation. But, when you know you have done anything from removing piles of unnecessary wood and excess foliage, repaired gutters, and discarded what could attract termites into your home yet you have an infestation, pick up your phone and make an appointment with your local termite control.

When you see the first signs of an infestation

Speaking of which, you should also engage termite inspection and control services upon sighting of potential termites. It pays to know the signs of a termite infestation as early as possible:

  • Flying termites or swamers hovering around light sources
  • Discarded wings which flying termites lose them after finding a mate
  • Clicking or head-banging sounds as termites shake their bodies to alert danger
  • Hollow-sounding timbre as you tap on the wall which is signs of termite damage
  • Termite droppings (which resemble sawdust) or called frass along door and window frames
  • Damaged wood or defective doors and windows which is the work of the termites
  • Mud tubes grown on the wall that looks muddy and made of soil

Health and safety is your top priority

As said earlier, self-help measures such as the use of insecticides can put you at risk of unnecessary exposure to chemicals. Particularly for the untrained individuals who do not have the knowledge about the proper procedures and use of chemicals to control it. In addition, to start calling the professional pest control specialist, when the home structures looks compromised and vulnerable, or you have observed traces of damages, cracks and weakness.

If you like to have assurance and a peace of mind

Pest control services often include ongoing consultation, cost estimates, and warranties. You can invest a little more in something that can deliver results than spending your resources on resolving the problem yourself. In addition, this does not guarantee that you will get to the root of it all. What’s more, these companies usually offer ongoing monitoring services to prevent risks of re-infestation. In addition, they perform accurate and proper home termite inspection. This includes accessing your home environment, conducting site risk assessment and offering proofing and housekeeping tips. Above all, professional pest control companies utilises.

If your home is prone to humid and moisture

Termites are attracted to humidity and moisture and both of this combination is common and inevitable in a home. Due to the climate, daily home activities and standard of housekeeping, either of these elements is present to attract termites. While some level of control to minimise water leaks and spills, or install a dehumidifier to control the humidity level, termite infestation may occur as they spreads and build their colony. This is especially so for homes with defective plumbing, has a water feature in the balcony or poor ventilation due to structural design.

Debugged Blog When Do You Engage Termite Control Termite Is A Long Term Commitment

Termite Control is a Long-Term Commitment

In conclusion, you should not wait until you have a serious termite problem before calling for professional pest control in Singapore. It would take much longer and effort to fully eradicate the problem and be more expensive to rectify.

The quick fix termite service usually involves a one-time-off localised treatment by injecting termiticide into identified infested locations. However, the downside of this treatment is targeting at affected locations. You may miss out potential infestation areas, not eliminating the colony and serves as a contact kill function.

Effective pest management is not merely about engaging one-off treatment, but a long-term protection. It is essential to supplement good quality pest control with diligent home maintenance and regular inspection to prevent any sort of pest problem in the future.

There are many options in termite treatment in the market with varied warranties and features. Rentokil Termite Treatment Programme utilises environmentally friendly and toxic-free solutions awarded with the Green Mark award with seven years warranties. During this period, the specialist will perform yearly inspection of the premise and give home tips and recommendations to keep termite problem under control. The good news is the formulation is able to halt the muscles of the termites. This stops them from biting any further and preventing further damage to the home.

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