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Where are cockroaches attracted?

In a recent Facebook poll on Rentokil, we asked readers to vote which scenario in a kitchen attracts cockroaches. Is it a dirty sink with dishes inside or a clean and dry basin? 95% of the respondents agree cockroaches enjoy poor sanitary kitchen conditions.

The risk of not cleaning up dishes in kitchen sink

We are usually guilty of not maintaining the kitchen’s housekeeping and cleanliness, for instance cleaning up the dishes after meal. Instead, the sink contains layers of dirtied cutleries and utensils. Why is this a pest-threat to your homes?

4 reasons to clean up the dishes and sink after meals

Generates foul smell in the kitchen

Dishes leave a nasty and lingering smell when they are out in the open for too long. They are oxidised by coming into contact with oxygen that produces a rancid smell. Food waste may cause decomposition because of its presence of bacteria and fungi. These culprits require oxygen and water to habour.

Stubborn stains and grease will remain in the sink

Imagine all the greasy, oily and saucy meal you just had are disposed and left in the sink. These condiments and left-over may harden or stick within the surfaces over time. This makes it harder to clean the sink more efficiently and adequately. Stubborn grease requires more effort to eliminate and potentially build-up these dirt and grime.

Risk of choking pipes and drainage

Long-term build-up of dirt and grime may even compromise the drainage health of your kitchen sink. These organisms sips through the sinkhole and remains at the surface along piping and drainage, thus causing potential risks of chokes in the drainage system. When this happens, not only it will generate a foul smell, there may be water chokes, leaks and spills.

Pests are attracted to unhygienic conditions

Do you know pests enjoy food matters such as vegetables, fruits, organic matter, food waste and condiments? For example, cockroaches feed on grease, food scraps, while ants favour sugar and protein. Flies on the other hand breeds in unclean drains and utensils.

Read here on why you should not procrastinate on domestic cleaning.

Useful tips in maintaining cleaner kitchen

Let us face it. Who favours domestic cleaning? Maintaining your home can be easy. Here are some useful tips you can consider to relieve your home chores burden.Let us face it. Who favours domestic cleaning? Maintaining your home can be easy. Here are some useful tips you can consider to relieve your home chores burden.

  • Installing a dish washer to ease multiple cleaning
  • Go easy on utilising the volume of utensils and cooking ware
  • Keep place dry with tea towels and floor mat
  • Apply kitchen interior design tips that promotes convenient maintenance
  • Engage in professional cockroach pest control to get rid of cockroaches that is harbouring in your house kitchen

Cockroach infestation can be minimised or prevented by cultivating good housekeeping tips, seek early detection and adopt long term protection programme. Rentokil Singapore offers a range of general pest control services to eliminate your household pests’ problem. Call us at (65) 6347 8138 for a home pest recommendation today.

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