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Smart pest prevention checklist for home shifting

Pest prevention checklist

Home moving can be a tedious process, having to take care from start to finish, including setting up utilities, and overseeing the renovation and carpentry works, completing any necessary documentation and finally the major works of packing items and transporting to the new home!

However, during this process and journey of home moving, pest could be a potential uninvited home member to your new loft. Read on more to learn some do’s and don’ts and things to take note of from the moment you pack to unpack.

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Moving out: Avoid packing pests along that has harbored in your home among cartons and items

  • Check that bedsheets, curtain drapes, rugs and carpets are free from bed bugs. Read more on Signs of Bed Bugs to learn how to identify an infestation.
  • Ensure furniture is in good condition and do not show signs of Drywood termite infestation.
  • Inspect if carton boxes have any holes, otherwise seal boxes tightly to ensure no entry of pests along the moving journey. Yes, pests are able to slip in as small as 1 cm gap.
  • If you are shifting cabinets, shelves or any appliances along as well, check for any presence of black small grains or cockroach droppings. It could be a start of a cockroach infestation.
  • Take the opportunity to remove and dispose of any unwanted home items, instead of moving over and cause a clutter in the new place. Clutter and accumulated items are often a culprit for pests to hide and harbor.

Before moving in: Early detection of pest activity and prevent potential pest hiding and breeding

  • Dirt, grime, clutter and waste are food source for pests to feed and survive. It is helpful to conduct a thorough spring cleaning, particularly at corners and tight spaces that pests love to hide.
  • Take the opportunity while the home is empty to check for any gaps, crevices, holes, cracks or leaks. Fix these defects to avoid a chance for pests to enter, and making themselves comfortable in your home.
  • For pest-smart prevention, it may be worthwhile to do a termite inspection using Microwave technology to check for any termite activities. Early detection helps in minimising the infestation impact.
  • If you are living in a landed home, particularly connecting terraces, you should consider taking a long term protection of the home by getting a post-construction termite protection plan to prevent a termite infestation.

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Moving in: Avoid the start and invite for potential pest infestation after settling in

  • Maintain a regular and diligent housekeeping and facility maintenance to prevent food source for pests to be attracted.
  • Organise the items and belongings to help make cleaning and spotting any pests signs easily.
  • Once moved in, clear the cartons or dispose them instead of lying them around in the storeroom, to avoid clutter for pests to hide and result in potential pest infestation in the long term such as termites, cockroaches and even spiders.
  • Good to always have preventive measures in place, by engaging reliable pest control treatments to maintain a safe home environment from harmful pests. Read here to find out more on things you need to know about termite control solutions.

Domestic cleaning can be a chore especially in our busy work schedules. It's never too late to seek professional help should you discover potential pest issues.

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Adopt a diligent housekeeping and home cleaning regime

Housekeeping is an essential home activity because not only it keeps environment healthy and clean to live within, but eliminate potential pest infestation risks. In addition, it helps us to pay more notice in detecting signs of pest presence such as droppings, smear marks, cracks, mud tubes or their eggs. This allow us to take quick actions in terms of pest elimination through engagement of professional pest control services.

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