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Detect potential termite infestation in home



If your home has a backyard, then you are prone to having termites crawl in from underground. Subterranean termites build their nest underground and can spread throughout a neighbourhood without warning. So even if your home doesn’t have termites, they can silently invade your home from your neighbour’s house.

It is good to always monitor your area for any reports of termites. If your neighbour reports of a termite infestation in their home, or have had previously done some termite treatment on their property, it’s likely that your home can also get an infestation since termites travel both vertically and horizontally underground.

If your home has a connecting terrace with your neighbour, you are most likely infested with termites as well. Make sure to inspect your outer walls and perimeter fences and look for any mud tunnel our mound present.

Wooden furniture

Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites enjoy making their nest inside wooden furniture or wooden structures like doorways and windows. Since drywood termites don’t need a large amount of moisture to survive, they can live within the wood itself, where they are close to their food source and won’t need to travel just to scavenge for food.

Always monitor your wooden furniture for any signs of termites. Signs usual include termite frass (wooden sandy particles which are their droppings) around the infested furniture, and feeling that the wood has been hollowed out from inside. Make sure that your wooden structures have been treated with termite solutions, repellents or termite-proof paint to prevent a termite attack.

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Wood planks

Wood planks are heaven for both subterranean termites and drywood termite, since they are often left outside the home where they are exposed to weather conditions like moisture and heat. Once termites make their way into these idle wood planks near your home, they can easily invade your home after.

If you have wood planks at home, make sure to keep them stored in a good storage area that is well ventilated, elevated off the ground, and covered from the rain. This can help reduce the chances of the wood soaking up too much moisture in the air and attracting termites. Also, have them treated with anti-termite solution or repellent before using them in your home.

Behind wallpapers

Subterranean termites do not only create nests underground; they create nests in places where there is enough moisture for them to survive. Loose wallpaper can provide them with enough moisture and the proper environment to survive and make their way into your home’s wooden foundations or beams.

When termites are present behind your wallpapers, you will notice bubbles on your wallpaper get bigger over time; and when there is a large infestation happening already, you will begin to hear scratching noises behind it. Watch out for these signs if you suspect a termite invasion is happening behind your wallpapers.

Why is detecting termite infestation signs early important?

Termite can cause extensive damages to home such as furniture, defective functioning of doors and windows, wall and structure damages and collapsed ceilings. Droppings are also known to cause allergies that is damaging to our health’s safety. In addition, termite infestation can spread as they build their colony and seeking food supplies horizontally and vertically. Finally, affecting the home aesthetics with unsightly mud tubes and cracks. Hence, seeking a long-term termite treatment is important to minimise costly investment in home repairs or renovations and ensure stability and safety for the family.

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Get rid of termites early

It is not easy finding termites in your home, especially when they are always hidden and away from human eyes. But, when you know where they can potentially be nesting in your home, it will be easy to spot for any signs of a termite infestation.

When you find a termite infestation early, you can prevent major damages inside your home and avoid paying for costly repairs just to keep your home standing over your heads. When you suspect a termite infestation is already happening inside your home, quickly call for a local pest control specialist to help you eradicate these silent but deadly home destroyers.

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