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Mosquito pest control for your home

Mosquitoes have been bothering home residents for decades and with modern technology, the dengue cluster in Singapore is still increasing. Despite numerous efforts to reduce mosquitoes, it has been a lingering problem among many. Rentokil Initial shares why mosquitoes are the top wanted pests and what mosquito control options we have to eliminate mosquitoes in house.

Debugged Blog Mosquito Pest Control For Your Home Mosquitoes Places Us At Health Risks

Mosquito presence places us at health risks

Protect the health and wellbeing of your family

Warm, wet weather means mosquitoes come out in force and invade your home in search of a blood meal and places to lay eggs. The need for blood makes them one of the most irritating and dangerous pests to us humans and to our pets. They not only cause inflamed bites but also are responsible for spreading diseases such as dengue, malaria, West Nile virus, dog heartworm and eastern equine encephalitis. They are responsible for transmitting more dangerous diseases worldwide than any other animal.

Any outdoor activity around the home exposes us to blood seeking insect risks

Be it relaxing in your backyard, playing with children and pets or mowing the land, we are at risk of exposing ourselves from mosquito bites. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of stagnant water to lay their eggs. This means that plant containers, ponds, gutters, flat roofs, puddles and even discarded household containers can become mosquito development sites.

Mosquitoes will also make their way indoors and find places to rest before seeking a blood meal or sites for laying eggs. If you have plant containers in your home or air coolers with standing water, the mosquitoes will have safe places to lay eggs and the next generation will have a ready supply of your family’s blood for feeding.

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Mosquitoes travel and seek indoors to hunt for their hosts

It is a common misconception that mosquitoes are outdoor harm. This is because they can enter into a home through an open window or door, gaps and cracks or a ventilator opening. Particularly for Aedes Mosquitoes, they are active in the daytime and attack us for blood meal easily. Not forgetting, adult mosquitoes developed through breeding taking place in your home. It could result from stagnant water collected in flowerpots, puddles of water in the balcony due to plant watering or laundry or defective plumbing causing water leaks.

Debugged Blog Mosquito Pest Control For Your Home Proactive Mosquito Prevention Steps

Mosquito prevention starts with taking proactive steps

It is essential to take steps to manage mosquito infestations. For the comfort and safety of yourself and your family, there are measures you can implement. Firstly, this helps to reduce the mosquito population and provide a greater level of protection. Secondly, leverage on the expertise, resources and experience of a global company that has been operating for decades at a local level. Finally, it provides the peace of mind to defend against the dengue cases in Singapore.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is not an easy task because of environmental, urbanisation and lifestyle challenges. Rentokil’s integrated mosquito management solutions (IMM) use a range of advanced technologies that can protect your home more effectively than home solutions.

Our environmentally friendly treatments will control mosquitoes safely at every stage in their lifecycle and continue to protect you throughout the year. We also provide you with expert advice on how to remove breeding sites and maintain protection from these dangerous pests.

Debugged Blog Mosquito Pest Control For Your Home Rentokil Mosquito Expertise

Our mosquito expertise

Prevent harm from mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects

As the leading pest control expert in mosquito control, these credible brand history and service experiences give us a deep understanding of the health risks that they pose in and around your home. We understand how important protecting the health of you and your family is, so we go further to protect you. We combine our knowledge of mosquito biology, species, development sites and disease potentials with detailed inspection and monitoring information to develop a tailored, flexible solution for each customer. Whether that is for a small residence or large multi-family housing block.

Your safety is essential and prioritised

Safety is always the priority. Solutions designed effectively with innovation, industry standards and legal requirements to maximise the control efforts while protecting health, property and the environment. This expertise is complemented with investment in research and development, practical know-how and dedicated insect laboratory in our Global Research and Development Centre. This is at the forefront of behavioural science and observational research, which gives us a solid foundation for the consistent delivery of new control and prevention methods for you and all our customers globally.

Our team of professional pest control specialists conducts a series of mosquito treatments.

  • Indoor mosquito control (Mosclean)
  • Outdoor mosquito control (In2Care)
  • Mosquito breeding solution (Larviciding)
  • Adult mosquito water-based fogging
  • Outreach and education
  • Pest monitoring and reporting
  • Inspection and pest detection
  • Consultancy and recommendations

What you need to know about mosquito control

Firstly, mosquito control has to be well integrated taking care of the various life stages and taking care indoors and outdoors. Secondly, frequency of fogging and larviciding is dependent on the severity of the pest infestation and environment condition. Thirdly, acute infestation such as residing in a dengue cluster might warrant a more intensive treatment. Fourthly, it is essential to check the credibility and trustworthiness of the pest control company you engage. This prevents risking health and safety during treatment. Above all, a well-designed solution includes ongoing inspection, monitoring and updating on the pest condition. To find out how much pest control might cost, read here to find out more.

Debugged Blog Mosquito Pest Control For Your Home What Can You Do To Prevent Mosquitoes

What can you do to prevent mosquitoes?

There are easy and inexpensive measures to remove mosquito development. Many man-made objects that can hold water provide ideal environments for egg laying around our homes and businesses. We need to target these receptacles to control mosquitoes.

  • Remove all discarded bottles, cans and other water-holding containers
  • Cover water tanks and septic tanks
  • Clean gutters and drains so they don’t have standing water
  • Stock ponds or ornamental water features with native fish that eat mosquito larvae
  • Change the water frequently in pot holders, bird baths, pet bowls and water troughs for horses and cattle
  • Do not over-irrigate lawns or fields to avoid standing water in low-lying areas and ditches
  • Keep outdoor areas well-maintained, limit areas of dense vegetation and mow lawns regularly to reduce resting places
  • Install insect screens on windows, doors and vents. Seal any gaps that a mosquito could fly or squeeze through to get inside your home

It is also important to ensure you are less favourable to what attracts mosquitoes when engaged in outdoor activities. Firstly, mosquitoes are attracted to perspire and lactic acid especially vigorous in exercises. Secondly, they take notice of dark colours and tones more than lighter shades. Choose appropriate colour choice when you head out. Thirdly, they detect us through body heat and carbon dioxide particularly near shady and greenery. You can consider moving away from high vegetation areas. Finally, protect your exposed skins with long sleeves and pants and application of repellent of patch. Above all, be mindful of the various dengue dangers such as dengue fever symptoms mosquito brings to us and heighten our vigilance against these pesky pests.

Complete guide to mosquito control in Singapore

Rentokil Singapore complete guide for mosquito control infographic

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