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When Do You Need Pest Control in Singapore?

Here are some really good reasons you should consider catching up with your pest specialist today.

  • When pests present an imminent danger to you and your family
  • You will need pest control in Singapore when you experience some dangers, harmful effects from pests that compromise the health and safety of you and the family.

Some dangers and harms pests can cause to you are

  • Termite is capable of causing structural damages
  • Rat gnaws on electrical wires causing short circuit and fire risks
  • Mosquito is a carrier of tropical disease such as Dengue Fever
  • Bed bug bites are itchy and may result in severe allergy reaction in some people
  • Cockroach is unhygienic, spreading bacteria and germs causing food poisoning

When you need to identify a pest correctly

There are many times you can get confused between a cockroach nymph and a bed bug, or an ant and a termite. Booklice may even look similar to silverfish. There are just too many similarities. Without professional help and a trained eye, ordinary people are not able to identify the pest correctly.

#askdrchan if you need help with pest identification

Easy steps to send your query to Dr Chan

  • Take a clear and large picture of the pest
  • Fill up the above quick Google form with your question for Dr Chan, it will be helpful to provide more details on your pest sightings i.e. what time of the day do you normally see it, where do you spot them hiding, the colour and size of the said pest
  • Check your email inbox frequently for a reply from Dr Chan on the next step you should take to resolve your pest issue

When an infestation gets out of control

You will need pest control in Singapore when you are having a serious pest infestation going on. That being said, we DO NOT encourage such wait-and-see approach to handle your pest problem. Because then it is already too late, and some damage and harm may have been done.

Home and business owners must be pest-savvy enough to identify early signs of pest infestation before it is too late.

To call for pest control services at the early stage of a pest infestation is crucial because for example, in a bed bug infestation, they reproduce very quickly and their population may explode quickly to a large number. In another example, termite a dangerous pest capable of eating away your doors, cabinets or even the beams and roofs, is one type of pest you will want to treat early to prevent structural damages which are irreversible.

When D.I.Y. methods do not work anymore for you

You will need pest control in Singapore when you are probably reaching the end to your means in carrying out your D.I.Y. pest control methods. Have your tried pandan leaves on cockroaches? Ever use soda powder to in an attempt to get rid of bed bugs? Heard of using cloves to deter ants at home?

They most probably did not work out for you. Find out why here on our whole suite of interesting reads on pest myths.

Seeking that peace of mind

Look around and you see some of us, we really need that peace of mind in our daily life. They can come in many forms for us. For example, some people stick to their daily routines without fail, they feel safer this way. Another form can be, people seek expert advice and professional help for matters they are generally unfamiliar with.

Facing a pest issue, many of you may find yourself feel uncomfortable or even at a loss of what to do. That is when the experts in pest control come in- Rentokil, the Experts in Pest Control with more than 50 years of experience. We are able to bring you the peace of mind to help you solve your pest issues. Call (65) 6347 8138 to speak with an experienced Rentokil pest surveyor today!

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