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What Bed Bugs Are Attracted To?

If you already have a bed bug problem, will you still like to know more on what attracts bed bugs, the causes of a bed bug problem and some of the most common myths surrounding it?

It is still not too late to want to know more about bed bugs at this stage, for you can very well take things into better hands and prevent a bed bug re-infestation.

What attracts bed bugs?


Bed bugs are fond of fabrics more than cold, hard surfaces and materials! This is probably why a travel luggage/ bag made of fabric generally make it more attractive for bed bugs.

Red, dark brown colour

These are colours closest to blood, and because bed bugs feed on human blood, the red and dark brown colours seem naturally appealing to them! It says meal time!

Warm temperature

Humans give out heat, warmth and carbon dioxide, these are the basic criteria to meet when bed bugs require targets to track down for a blood meal to feed on. This is certainly what attracts bed bugs to.

Hiding places

Even the tiniest cracks and crevice can fit a bed bug! With a size of an apple seed, it is no wonder bed bugs are evasive and like to hide in tight spaces for warmth and shelter. They feel safer.

Causes of a bed bug problem

Travelling habits

If you travel often, there is indeed a higher risk of bringing back home bed bugs. As bed bugs are known as ‘hitch hikers’, they latch themselves to luggage, bags and clothing.

People-to-people, surface-to-people cross infestation

A bed bug problem can start from such cross infestations as well.

Second hand furniture

Detection of bed bugs in second hand furniture may be difficult as bed bugs are small and tiny, and not easily visible with the human eye.

Bed bug myths- clean or dirty homes

If your home is dirty, are they more prone to bed bug problems? And if your home is clean, will you never face a bed bug problem at all? Only dirty homes attract bed bugs. This is one of the most common myths surrounding bed bugs. The question is can bed bugs problems occur in clean homes? Yes.

Reasons why bed bugs still occur in clean homes

  • Bed bugs are carried in from people, bags and accommodation into any homes, whether clean or dirty.
  • They can spread easily with human interaction and activities.
  • Especially for travelers, our poor habits expose us to bed bugs risks after a return trip, such as immediately placing the luggage onto our beds

A serious bed bug problem is capable of causing extensive worries for many people as bed bugs feed on human blood. Many people are affected by bed bug bites which can become itchy and painful for some. Detection of bed bugs is at times, not easy to do so without professional help. Read here to find out signs of bed bugs.

If you are still worried about bed bugs, drop in a question to #AskDrChan, who can answer and help you with expert advice and bed bug knowledge that you need to know.

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