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Yikes! Ants in My Drink- How To Get Rid of Ants?

Are you one of those who happen to drink a glass of water, and having to only realise there are 1 or 2 ants in it! You are probably not the only one and must be wondering, what will really happen if you have drunk them? And how to get rid of these annoying pests?

Ants release formic acid, which is a colorless irritant liquid that may pose toxicity and harm risks when consumed. While it may not cause a detrimental impact consuming a few of them or end up being digested (largely requires loads of consumption to cause near harm), there are a few considerable factors that increase your safety risks.

Factors to consider that increase your food safety risks

#1 You may have used some DIY or off-the-shelve repellent, baits and sprays that contaminates them with poison or toxin

#2 Ants may contain parasites, germs or bacteria that can be transmitted through congestion, causing food contamination symptoms

#3 Stinging pests such as bees, wasps and fire ants may cause more problems for people whom are allergic, or symptoms such as localised pain and swelling. For extreme cases, breathing difficulty, blood pressure and heart problem may arise.


In some studies and belief, a bug meal is a source of protein. However, the bugs should be treated in proper for consumption by removing any harmful bacteria and parasites present.

Practice proper housekeeping and home maintenance diligently prevent ants

Eliminate any possible of availability of food sources made readily available such as sweet and starchy food or crumbs and remaining and correcting common home guilty acts that we are all familiar with.  Understanding which species are exactly infesting your home and how to deal with it is critical. Some ant types, such as Pharaoh Ants, DIY methods such as sprays in fact worsen the whole problem!

Ants not only affect your health and safety, but can even damage to your furniture! Find out how to get rid of ants​​​​​​​ today.

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