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Expat Living Readers’ Choice Award 2021

Rentokil Initial is humble to receive the recent Expat Living Readers’ Choice Gold Award 2021 for the fourth year running in Singapore. Conducted by an independent survey among 15,000 respondents across 118 categories, Rentokil is privileged to be the preferred brand choice for pest control services in Singapore. We are committed to protecting people and enhancing lives, by taking care of residential households in terms of their health and safety by keeping pest infestation under control.

Rentokil enhances safety standards with sensing technology

As we continue to face COVID-19 pandemic locally and globally, the need for optimal protection against pathogens and pests-causing diseases continues. With the Phase 3 opening, social distancing and regulatory compliance still applies.

Rentokil designs a series of non-touch solutions during COVID-Recovery period to minimise cross contamination while enhancing the level of safety standards. These include:

  • Digital Rodent Control: Using sensing technology to trigger activities and updates through a command center
  • In2care Mosquito Trap: An outdoor mosquito control that eliminates both adult mosquito and mosquito breeding with limited contact
  • Online Service Reporting: Digitalisation of reporting and service recommendations limits cross contamination through contact surface while enhancing seamless experience
  • E-Payment Facilities: With the rise of e-commerce and online transactions, consumers may now made payments through mobile pay or via the online payment platform.
  • Non-Touch Hand Hygiene: Find out the series of touchless washroom and hygiene solutions including hand soap dispensers, sanitary bins and toilet seat cleaners.

Engage in regular disinfection as we embrace opening

Besides a sound and diligent pest control in place (regardless for homes or work environment), disinfection and sanitisation is as important to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Rentokil offers safe and effective disinfection misting that is odourless and do not stain surfaces. Eliminating as much as 99.99% of pathogens, it allows meeting the demand of cleaning activities with efficient residual effect. Enquire about the Rentokil Surface Shield Sanitisation programme today.

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