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July - September 2018

Bringing you a greater peace of mind with innovation

April - June 2018

Rentokil Singapore Voted Gold Winner for Best Pest Control Services

January - March 2018

Are You on Facebook? We Are Too.

October - December 2017

Bad Smell in the Air? Register for Complimentary Odour Solution Trial!

July - September 2017

Initial Website Receives a Face-lift!

April — June 2017

There is nothing more memorable than scent marketing!

January - March 2017

Find out what's new and brewing in 2017; new innovations, life hacks, local pest myths & more!

October - December 2016

Dengue Fever and Zika Virus is still on the rise.

July — September 2016

What is happening in washroom design today?

April — June 2016

Do you know the 4 key pests in your industrial business?

January — March 2016

Termites, also known as ‘white ants’ in Singapore, is a challenging pest to manage as they may come from underground and can enter cracks as small as 0.4mm!

January 2015

Subterranean termites are mistaken for ants and less guarded against, or their infestation. Learn about its risks and the preventive measures available to protect your property.

July 2014

Protect your environment from contamination. Learn about our pest disinfectant solution which kills 99.9999% of harmful micro-organisms.

May 2013

Most of the time, bed bugs are originally transmitted through cross contamination items such as clothing and luggage, and continue to breed, multiply and infest to other places or points of contact.

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